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Having a generator in an emergency is one of the best decisions. Finding the best generator brands is vital for severe weather and camping outdoors or during a power outage. They can ensure you and your family are safe and comfortable with your supplies in any situation. 

The Top 16 Best Generator Brands 

Here you will find the best options to use, whether camping, dealing with a power outage at home, or facing extreme weather conditions. 

#1: HONDA 

Honda is not only for automobiles, as some may believe. They provide exceptional generators that include converter models, carving out a niche in the market. So naturally, they offer a selection of high-quality Honda engines for all their uses, including home backup, recreational, and industrial applications. 

This brand offers dual-voltage choices to power both 120 and 240-volt items while including cold-climate technology, making them highly versatile in all weather conditions for any device. In addition, Honda’s inverter technology is ideal for sensitive electronics and still powerful enough for major appliances. 

Here are the top choices when exploring Honda generators: 

  • Honda Ultra-Quiet 3000iES: Best for Overnight Power 
  • Honda EG2800iC1: Best Lightweight Model

Honda Ultra-Quiet 3000iES 

Honda offers the perfect solution for overnight power in this ultra-quiet model that will not disturb your neighbors. You can run this model from 7.2 hours up to 20 hours in total on a single tank of fuel, depending on the power load. 

It includes an Eco-Throttle System for superior fuel efficiency and an inverter with 3,000 watts of stable power at 120 VAC. In addition, it has an electric and recoil starter and a low oil level alert system for optimal operation. 

Honda EG2800 iC1  

For a lightweight generator that will get you through a short-term power outage, this Honda model is a terrific choice. At only 67 pounds, it will last anywhere from 5.1 hours up to 12.1 hours, depending on the usage. 

One attractive feature is the user-friendly control panel for easy operation. So whether you need to power essential home appliances during a storm or out on a camping trip, this lightweight option will get the job done safely. 

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The Generac brand understands what power you need to run the equipment and appliances necessary for your lifestyle. Their high-quality products are synonyms for productivity for both personal and commercial applications. 

They are built to last using exceptional materials, such as high-carbon/high-chromium forged alloy and tungsten carbide. So whether you need a home backup generator, a model for your commercial site, or a simple portable option, Generac can cover all your needs.  

Here are two exceptional choices for Generac generators: 

  • Generac Guardian Series 22kW Home Backup Generator: Best for Stand-By 
  • Generac RS8000E Portable Generator: Best for Easy Starting

Generac Guardian Series 22kW Home Backup Generator

This standby generator is perfect for average houses that require backup power in locations with extreme weather conditions. In addition, its built-in Mobile Link Remote Monitoring allows you to check the generator’s status anywhere in the world.  

This Generac model uses True Power Technology to minimize power distortion to less than 5%, helping to protect sensitive electronic devices. In addition, its pressure-lubricated engine requires less routine maintenance than other competitor brands, making it highly efficient and cost-effective. 

Generac RS8000E Portable Generator

This Generac option provides the most straightforward operation in a portable model with its single PowerDial. You can start, run, and shut down this unit with the same dial, making it easy to operate in an emergency. 

Covered outlets and steel tube cradle ensure rugged durability and protection from the elements while out at the campsite or on the job. Additionally, the foldable locking handle makes this model portable and easy to store away when not in use. 

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Briggs & Stratton provides premium products that combine power and performance while ensuring exceptional value. Their attention to detail ensures that every part of your generator will operate efficiently and provide the power you need for years to come. 

Focusing on a quiet and cleaner-running product allows Briggs & Stratton to provide high-quality generators for multiple uses. 

Here are two exceptional generator choices from Briggs & Stratton: 

  • Briggs & Stratton PowerProtect12kW Standby Generator: Best for Small Spaces
  • Briggs & Stratton 030736-3500 Watt Portable Generator: Best for C02 Safety

Briggs & Stratton PowerProtect 12kW Standby

If space concerns you, the Briggs & Stratton PowerProtect 12kW Standby Generator is the solution. Its footprint is nearly half of other competitors’ models and offers a front-facing exhaust for optimal placement outside your home.

This model from Briggs & Stratton allows for multiple fuel options, making it versatile for any home. It also includes one of the best-in-class comprehensive warranties available, so you can relax knowing your generator model will work when you need it to. 

Briggs & Stratton 030736-3500 Watt Portable Generator

Suppose you want to enjoy the comforts of home even while outdoors; this Briggs & Stratton model is a fantastic choice. It is powerful enough to run your 15,000 BTU air conditioner in your RV unit and can last up to eight hours with a 50% load. 

Its engine is durable and reliable, even when you need to keep it running for days on end. Additionally, this generator model includes exceptional CO Guard carbon monoxide shutdown technology for optimal safety during operation. 

#4: WEN 

WEN has all of your power needs covered, from traditional gas-powered generators to dual-fuel options and inverters; they have a product for any situation. Not only are their generators robust and durable, but they are an affordable option compared to some alternative competitors’ choices. 

Although WEN does not specialize in large home backup generators, you still have options. Several models offer significant capabilities to power essential appliances and electronics that are necessary when you are facing a power outage at home, or you want to spend time camping with some luxuries. 

Here are a couple of the best WEN generators you will find: 

  • WEN DF1100T 8300-watt Dual-Fuel Portable Generator: Best Dual-Fuel Option
  • WEN 56203i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator with Fuel Shut Off: Best for Fuel Efficiency 

WEN DF1100T 8300-watt Dual-Fuel Portable Generator

You can switch between gasoline and propane with a simple dial on this WEM model. It also offers 120 and 240-volt output options, ideal for any situation. 

The WEN DF1100T model uses an electric key start for its 4-stroke engine and provides up to 8.5 hours of run time with a 50% load. In addition, you can power multiple devices through the various hook-up options, from numerous 120-volt outlets to a twist-lock outlet and even an automotive-style plug, perfect for any device. 

WEN 56203i 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator with Fuel Shut Off

This option from WEM is exceptionally efficient and includes a fuel shut-off feature to help extend the life of your generator. In addition, this model weighs only 39 pounds, so it is easy to move and store. 

It features a 79cc four-stroke engine and delivers power safe enough to run even the most sensitive electronics, such as laptops or tablets. The 1-gallon tank offers 7 hours of run time at half-load. It also provides two three-prong 120V 14A NEMA 5-20R receptacles, one 12V 8.3A DC receptacle, and two 5V USB ports.

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Champion is a North American brand specializing in exceptional power solutions for home, work, and play. Their dependable and durable generators help make your life easier, whether in an emergency or when you want to power devices outside the home. 

Innovative technology is the groundwork for all Champion generators, ensuring they supply the best possible choices in dual-fuel, inverters, standby, and portable models. 

Here are two exceptional generator products from the Champion line: 

  • Champion 3400-Watt Wireless Start Inverter: Best Wireless Remote Option
  • Champion 4000-Watt Dual-Fuel Open Frame Inverter: Best Open Frame Model

Champion 3400-Watt Wireless Start Inverter 

Sometimes, manually starting your portable generator during a power outage can be challenging. This Champion 3400-watt Wireless Smart Inverter allows you to start this model up to 80 feet away with its wireless key fob. 

The inverter technology from Champion offers an economy mode to help extend the engine life, provide better fuel economy, and reduce the electrical load minimizing the noise output. You can run this model up to 7.5 hours with 25% load capacity, and it is no louder than a normal conversation, making it ideal for camping trips with the family. 

Champion 4000-Watt Dual-Fuel Open Frame Inverter

This dual-fuel model from Champion is an exceptional choice for anyone looking at an innovative solution during a power loss or while out camping. It uses gasoline or propane fuels and makes the switch with a quick dial turn. This Champion inverter will run 17 to 18 hours with a 25% load, depending on your fuel source. 

This dual-fuel open-frame model has a lower footprint and 20% less overall weight than previous models. In addition, its quick touch panel allows for easy operation and includes economy mode and cold start technology for varying weather conditions. 

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The Westinghouse Electric Company naturally evolved to produce exceptional generator products for consumers who need various emergency power options. Some models include several innovative elements, such as dual-fuel capabilities, manual and automatic choke options, Smart Idle, electric start, and more. 

Westinghouse manufactures mid-level generators that are durable and reliable for many applications. They run smoothly and efficiently, and many of their models are CARB and EPA compliant. 

Take a look at these two terrific models from Westinghouse: 

  • Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator: Best for Emergencies
  • Westinghouse iGen2500 Inverter Generator: Best for Recreational Use

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Portable Generator

This generator option has everything you need in an emergency. If the battery is dead, it has an electric start, a remote control, and a pull start. A full gas tank can last up to 11 hours for running a whole house in a power outage. 

Although this Westinghouse model is portable, it is also Transfer and ST Switch ready. Of course, you will need a certified electrician to install the switch on your home, but once you do, getting through a power outage is simple. 

Westinghouse iGen2500 Inverter Generator

This portable generator from Westinghouse is quality in a compact package. It is encased in durable plastic to minimize noise. There is a carrying handle on top and rubber feet, so it will not slip around. It is the perfect little model for camping, RVs, or tailgating. 

It is rated for 2200 watts yet can handle 2500 watts at peak performance. This model can run up to 10 hours on a full gas tank and includes two 120V 5-20R household outlets and two 5V USB ports. This Westinghouse option is also parallel ready for pairing up with other inverter generators made by Westinghouse.

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#7: DeWALT 

DeWalt is not only for power tools but also as a reliable and durable power source at home, work, or outdoors. However, the variety of styles and options they offer are limited compared to what other brands have available. 

Alternatively, DeWalt has terrific options for different generator styles that will do the job just fine when facing a power outage or camping with the family. 

Here are a couple of great choices when you need a DeWalt product: 

  • DeWalt DXGNI2200 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator: Best Compact Model 
  • DeWalt DXGNR4000 4000-Watt Portable Gas Generator: Best Mid-Range Option

DeWalt DXGNI2200 – 2200W Portable Inverter Generator

This compact model from DeWalt can go anywhere with its built-in folding and locking handle for easy transportation and storage. In addition, the DeWalt DXGNI2200 Portable Inverter provides up to 11 hours of runtime with a 25% load capacity on a full tank. 

Its Economy Mode aids better fuel economy and a reduction of noise during operation. Additional safety features include covered outlets, CO protecting technology, and a low-oil shutdown mode to protect the 80cc OHV engine. 

Dewalt DXGNR4000 4000 Watt Portable Gas Generator

This Dewalt model is an excellent option for small or medium-sized homes, powerful enough to run a couple of larger appliances and a few lights when needed. The runtime at 50% load is an outstanding 10 hours, making it suitable for your home, camping, or in the RV.

This DeWalt generator also includes never-flat wheels and a locking handle so that you can easily wheel it around. Additionally, a built-in hour meter keeps track of necessary oil changes and filters. It also includes a CO sensor for automatic shut-off. 


Opting for a Craftsman generator rather than an alternative brand is a solid choice for the budget-conscious consumer. The engine and parts of these generators have come from Generac. And many models are almost identical from each brand, aside from the coloring. 

This brand is widely recognizable for providing clean energy safe for sensitive electronics. As an affordable option, the Craftsman generators are terrific for many homeowners. 

Here are two outstanding Craftsman generator models available: 

  • Craftsman CMXGIAC 2500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator: Best Value 
  • Craftsman CMXGGAS 3500-Watt Portable Generator Carb Compliant: Best for Reliability

Craftsman CMXGIAC 2500W Portable Inverter Generator  

For a portable generator that gives you the most bang for your buck, the Craftsman CMXGIAC is ideal. It offers an Automatic RPM Control feature to reduce fuel consumption and noise emissions while operating. 

This model’s safe, steady power ensures you can power those sensitive electronics with its USB charging ports. In addition, it is parallel ready, so you can join multiple units together and double your power when it is necessary.   

Craftsman CMXGGAS 3500W Portable Generator Carb Compliant

This Craftsman model is excellent for its portability, power, and relatively low weight. It includes the famous Briggs & Stratton engine, known for reliability, especially in cold weather. 

Unlike many other generators, this one has five outlets. Four are standard household outlets, and the other is a 120V 30A RV outlet. 

The Craftsman CMXGGAS is only 122 pounds and can run for 19 hours with a 50% load. For peace of mind, it has a CO detector to prevent CO poisoning and a standard low oil shut-off, preventing the generator from overheating if it runs out of oil.


The Cummins brand produces exceptional generators and power solutions in the market. The innovative technologies Cummins uses combine fuel efficiency, with low emissions output, in their highly reliable products. 

Choosing a Cummins generator will give you a high-quality product perfect for the home, workplace, or enjoying time outdoors with friends. Although some Cummins models may carry a higher price tag than competitor options, many consumers find it a worthwhile tradeoff for their durability and reliability. 

Here are a couple of high-quality generator models from the Cummins line: 

  • Cummins QuietConnect RS25 Home Standby Generator: Best Warranty 
  • Cummins ONAN P4500I Inverter Portable Generator: Best for RVs and Campers

Cummins QuietConnect RS25 Home Standby Generator

This QuietConnect RS25 Cummins generator is capable of 13000 watts, providing more than enough to power everything in a small home. In addition, it runs on natural gas and is quiet enough not to disturb your neighbors at only 65dB, and includes warranty options up to a full ten years. 

It is compact and has an aluminum enclosure to protect it from elements, including winds up to 180 MPH. Additionally, this model has automatic transfer switch capabilities and can include a Cold Weather Kit to remain reliable even in sub-freezing temperatures. 

This standby model also offers remote monitoring to run diagnostics or check the load usage. 

Cummings ONAN P4500I Inverter Portable Generator

The Cummins ONAN P4500I generator model will suit your RV or camper perfectly if you love living outdoors. Its OHV 4-stroke engine is reliable and ready for camping with its 30A TT-30R outlet. 

This generator model includes a push-button and remote start with a pull cord start as a backup for any situation. In addition, if you have sensitive electronics, the ONAN P4500I offers two 5V USB charging ports to power your mobile devices safely. 


DuroMax generator models are famous for their longevity in a stable power source. Like many other brands, they offer models for various needs, including home standby power to camping or working at the job site. 

This brand provides a terrific warranty on their products, and you can extend it further if you wish. In addition, many of their generators include standard safety features to ensure safe operation and help protect the unit from damage. 

Here are two great options that DuroMax offers: 

  • DuroMax 10000E 439cc Portable Gas Electric Start Generator: Best for Power 
  • DuroMax XP2300iH 80cc Dual-Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator: Best for Additional Features

DuroMax 10000E 439cc Portable Gas Electric Start Generator

The DuroMax 10000E 439cc generator is perfect when you need the power to run significant appliances in an emergency. It can start at 10,000 peak watts and remain steady at 8,000 watts, enough for an air conditioner, refrigerator, or other major electrical devices. 

It offers MX2 power boost technology to get double the power for your RV or home with the versatility to run 120V or 240V separately or simultaneously. This model also includes a voltmeter on the control panel and 12V DC charging posts to charge external batteries for added versatility. 

DuroMax XP2300iH 80cc Dual-Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

This versatile compact portable generator from DuroMax is a terrific choice for the home, cottage, or out camping. The XP2300iH Dual-Fuel model can put out 2300 watts of power with the option to connect to another parallel unit to double your load capacity. 

If you need a portable generator with all the bells and whistles, this DuroMax model is perfect. It includes a telescopic handle for easy transportation, runs on gas or propane, and has a CO Alert function and low-oil feature with automatic shut-off for safe operation. 

In addition, its built-in digital control center is easy to monitor the gas level, voltage output, running hours, and load level. 

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Another popular brand in the market is Firman. They have terrific alternatives for consumers needing portable and backup power supplies. In addition, their products come with a 3-year warranty and exceptional customer support seven days a week so that you can be ready for anything life throws at you. 

Here are a couple of the more popular Firman generator choices: 

  • Firman H05752 Dual-Fuel 5700-Watt Portable Generator: Best for Running Cool 
  • Firman W03083 Whisper-Quiet 3000-Watt Portable Generator: Best for Small Applications

Firman H05752 Dual-Fuel 5700W Portable Generator

Although this Firman H05752 Dual-Fuel model is a recoil start, it is effortless to get running. It carries CARB, EPA, and NOM certification, ensuring a high-quality product for all your emergency power needs. In addition, the heavy-duty construction and open frame design ensure the engine runs cool even after longer operation times.

The total runtime on this product at 25% is up to 12 hours, giving you a durable option. Safety features include a cast iron sleeve, a low oil shut-off, and covered outlets to protect the elements. 

Firman W03083 Whisper-Quiet 3000W Portable Generator

If you need a small emergency power supply that will not wake your neighbors, the Firman W03083 Whisper-Quiet model is ideal. This inverter generator is perfect for taking along at your next tailgate party or if you need a quick power supply in an emergency. 

This Firman generator will run for up to 10 continuous hours, using the built-in eco-mode to adjust the engine speed for optimal fuel efficiency. The 171cc engine includes a cast iron sleeve and an automatic low oil shut-off for safe operation. 

#12: RYOBI 

Ryobi is quickly gaining popularity for its budget-friendly emergency power options. Their products come with many standard features that you will find from other competitors’ models, including various outlet choices and flat-free wheels for easy transport. 

Here are two terrific Ryobi options to suit your emergency power needs: 

  • Ryobi 4000-Watt Inverter Generator with CO Detect: Best for Lengthy Run Time 
  • Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Inverter Generator: Best for Bluetooth User Experience

Ryobi 4000-Watt Inverter Generator with CO Detect

The fuel tank on the Ryobi 4000-Watt Inverter Generator is an impressive 3.2 gallons, allowing it to run for 12 hours or more with 50% load, making it one of the longer-lasting generator brands. Its 212cc engine starts at 4000 watts and provides 3400 watts during operation. 

This model includes CO detection for safety in tight spaces and weighs only 85 pounds, making it portable enough to take along wherever you need emergency power. 

Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Inverter Generator

For the best user experience, the Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Inverter Generator allows users to monitor functions through a compatible GenControl app and on-board LCD screen. In addition, this model can power your necessities, including sensitive electronics, with built-in USB charging outlets. 

The Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Inverter Generator provides an easy 3-step starting system and a simple onboard reset switch for convenience. 


As one of the biggest suppliers of engines and generators, Caterpillar offers stellar products for various applications. Their generator models are durable, reliable, and long-lasting, even in extreme conditions. 

Here are two of their top generator models available: 

  • Caterpillar RP3600 4500-Watt Generator: Best for Easy Transport
  • Caterpillar INV1250 Inverter Generator: Best for Light Use

Caterpillar RP3600 4500-Watt Generator

If you want a small but sturdy generator to haul around when you need it, this RP3600 model is perfect. Moving this portable generator is easy with its double-hinged, paddled handle and never-flat wheels. 

With a starting power of 4500 watts, this model will continue to provide 3500 watts for 13.5 hours with a 50% load, making it terrific for use at home or in the camper. 

Caterpillar INV1250 Inverter Generator

This small but mighty generator model provides high-quality power that is safe enough for your sensitive electronics. In addition, the INV1250 boasts up to 7.9 hours of quiet operation with a 50% load for all your clean energy needs. 

This generator model is perfect on its own or paired with an amp inverter parallel kit from Caterpillar for more versatility. 

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The Sportsman generators are part of the Buffalo Tools line, providing quality products consumers need. Their models run on battery, electric, gasoline, or natural gas, making them one of the more versatile brands around. 

Here is the best option from the Sportsman generator products: 

  • Sportsman 4000-Watt Portable Tri-Fuel Generator: Best Tri-Fuel Option

Sportsman 4000-Watt Portable Tri-Fuel Generator

This Sportsman model will do the trick for anyone needing a generator for gasoline, natural gas, or propane. Depending on the chosen fuel option, this generator option will run anywhere between 10 to 12 hours at 50% load. 

This Sportsman option provides stable and reliable power for many applications, including your delicate electronic devices. It includes a parallel port and additional adapters for multiple fuel choices. 

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#15: YAMAHA 

Known for their high-quality and reliable products, Yamaha extends this to their generator line. They offer terrific options, including home backup power, portable models, and RV solutions. 

Their use of state-of-the-art technology ensures you are getting the most efficient, reliable, and economical generator possible. 

Here is the best Yamaha generator from their portable options: 

  • Yamaha EF2200IS 2200-Watt Inverter Portable Generator: Best High-Quality Generator

Yamaha EF2200IS 2200-Watt Inverter Portable Generator

With this model, Yamaha ensures a reliable and safe portable generator by including a CO sensor, overload power reset, and a ground Earth terminal. In addition, this EF2200IS model is RV-ready and uses premium inverter technology for a clean energy source. 

The easy carb drain and oil level shutdown features ensure easy care and maintenance for a long-lasting product. 


Kohler not only dabbles in plumbing products but also high-quality generators for your home, small business, and portable models to suit any situation. 

Kohler generators use heavy-duty, commercial-grade engines for all their products, offering an exceptionally reliable product. In addition, their equipment undergoes hundreds of testing procedures before reaching consumers to ensure consistency and durability. 

This brand offers outstanding warranties for their generator products, and you can count on these models working when you need them most. Here are the top Kohler generators available: 

  • Kohler RCLC 38kW Generator: Best for Large Homes
  • Kohler PA-PRO90-3001-PC: Best Portable Option 

Kohler RCLC 38kW Generator

This Kohler RCLC 38kW generator can run everything in a house for days on end. It is perfect for large homes with multiple essential appliances or energy-intensive equipment that needs to stay on. 

This Kohler generator installs directly onto the side of your home and remains on standby until a power outage. One remarkable feature includes automatically turning on within 10 seconds of the power going out. 

It runs either on natural gas or LPG. With the built-in remote monitoring, you can check on the status of your generator even if you are not home. 

Kohler PA-PRO90-3001-PC

The Kohler PA-PRO90-3001-PC is a terrific option in a portable model. It includes several built-in safety elements, including an oil sentry that will shut down in low-oil conditions, a ground-fault circuit interrupter, and maintenance reminders for critical tasks. 

It includes an auto-idle-down feature to help improve fuel efficiency and keep the noise output at a more comfortable level. You can operate this portable unit for 11 hours on just half of a tank of gasoline, making it a cost-effective option. 


Did you enjoy our list of the best generator brands? 

Generators come in all shapes and sizes and have many benefits for camping, an emergency, or a complete home backup. Keep our list in mind when you go shopping for your next generator. 

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