Champion 100573

Champion 100573

When I worriedly prepared for the possibility of a power outage due to the stormy weather on the horizon, I came upon the Champion power equipment 100573 4000 Watt RV-ready portable generator. The 100573 is a DH series open-frame inverter generator from Champion power equipment that is affordable, dependable, and pumps out a lot of power.  

It can handle almost any standard power needs and because it is a Champion, you know it will provide you with years of reliable service.

Product Highlight

Champion 100573

Gas Powered Inverter Generator

  • Starting – 4,000 W, Running – 3,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 97 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 2.9 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 17 hrs at 25% load

Features & Benefits

The Champion 100573 is renowned for its ease of maintenance, noise level, and fuel efficiency. It will power almost all standard electronics, including televisions, computers, refrigerators, and freezers, at least overnight and in a pinch, for several days in a row. It is a generator, so it is noisy, but compared to other generators, it is much quieter, especially for an open-frame generator. 

Champion claims its design is 50% quieter and weighs almost 20% lighter. This portable inverter generator has a quiet technology that limits the noise level to 64 dBA at 23 feet, which is a little more than the normal speech level or the office setting.

It specializes in producing only clean power with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for sensitive electronics, and you can add up fuel savings pretty quickly.

Here are some specifics:

Power Output, Runtime

This inverter generator provides 4000 starting watts along with 3500 running watts. This wattage is possible because of the power this lightweight but reliable 224cc Champion engine produces.

Champion power equipment 100573 produces clean power at 120/12v, and 60 Hz, enough to power most appliances although you may have to manage the load and throughput based on appliance cycles. 

At 25% load, this portable inverter generator with a 2.9-gallon fuel tank can run for up to 17 hours on one full tank of gasoline. However, as you are aware, the run time is always a function of the engine’s tank capacity and fuel consumption. Champion power equipment 100573 4000 consumes 0.17 GPH (gallon per hour) at a quarter of its full load.

So, this gasoline fuelled four-stroke engine is more fuel-efficient than most other machines with similar generator power. The inverter generator adjusts to load automatically so it does not have to run at 3600 rpm all the time. It also has an economy mode termed the “Eco Mode,” for providing quieter operation and less power with a reduced electrical load resulting in extended engine life and higher fuel economy. The mode monitors the power consumption from the generator and adjusts to reduce electrical load.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities

As far as outlets go, the Champion 100573 has the following provisions to allow you to hook up your portable inverter generator to your house:

  • One 120V 30A RV (TT-30R)
  • Two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R)
  • One 12V DC automotive-style outlet with dual USB adapter and battery-charging cables

This arrangement lets you set up your inverter generator to accommodate just about any power configuration you need. You can use it on your RV, in the shop when you need extra power, or to provide power in your home to key appliances during extended power outages. It is also perfect if you want quiet technology for a campsite or patio that requires almost no effort to set up. 

The DC output is unregulated and can damage the products. Switch off the economy mode before using this DC output.

Starting, Remote Start

This champion power equipment portable inverter generator has three starting modes. The cold start technology allows 100573 to start quickly even in low-temperature conditions.

Standard Recoil Start

This is the standard “choke and pull” starting method. You will need to press the choke button to use this feature.

Electric Start

As the name implies, the electric start is through a push-button that you press for almost instant ignition. Battery and charging cables are included to facilitate the electric start push button power option.

Remote Start

The remote start feature works off a wireless remote key fob that you press. This remote key fob allows the inverter generator to stop or start from a distance of about 80 feet. The fob has two buttons, one for “on” and one for “off.”

You must activate a button that puts the generator online for either the electric or remote starting modes. When online, an indicator light next to the button blinks.

Portability, Dimensions, Weight

Portability is a big factor with the Champion 100573. It weighs almost 97 pounds and has a detachable carrying handle. Its height is 20.5 inches, length 23.5 inches, and width 24.8 inches. That makes the generator easy to carry, maneuver into place, and move. Its design is well suited for placement in the outdoor environment.

That weight and size make it ideal for fitting it in a smaller space (remember to keep it properly ventilated) without it constantly being in the way. Most adults can move the generator without too much strain. This makes it ideal for hauling out when you need it and storing it away once the need has passed. 

It comes with a wheel kit to further aid in easy movement. The wheel kit carries 8″ wheels to support the sturdy chassis frame.

Other Features

If you are like me, you are probably already sold on the Champion 100573 4000-watt inverter. While not perfect, it is more than an adequate generator for most emergency power needs. It does, however, have several other attributes.


To parallel this portable inverter generator with other units, you must buy an optional Parallel Kit, but you can increase your delivered power with that. You can connect up to two 2800-watt or higher inverters or digital hybrids onto your base generator.  You can find this optional parallel kit online or buy or order one from most Champion dealers.

Economy Mode

DH series open frame inverter has an eco mode that can be activated by the economy control on the control panel. This mode reduces noise and fuel consumption when the inverter operates on a reduced load and even lets the engine speed to idle during no load. In deactivated eco mode conditions, the engine runs at full speed continuously.

Control Panel

The control panel offers several options:


  • LED indicators for output, overload, and low oil levels
  • Push-button choke
  • One 12V DC, 8 Amp outlet (automotive)


  • Economy Mode Switch
  • Circuit Breakers (push button)
  • 120V AC, 30A RV (NEMA TT-30R) Outlet


  • (2X) 120V 20A (NEMA 5-20R) outlets
  • Ground Terminal 
  • Parallel Outlets

Security, Alarms, Accessories

Several security features keep the operator safe and ensure that the Champion 100573 will give you years of service. These include overload protection, auto-stop for when the oil level is low, and overheat protection. Another cool feature is a “spark arrestor,” which makes it safe to operate in forested areas.


Powered by gasoline, there are emissions that you need to keep in mind. Most importantly, make sure you properly ventilate wherever you run the Champion Power Equipment 100573. In regards to emissions, the generator is both EPA and CARB-compliant. That makes it legal to operate in all 50 US states.


The Champion warranty for the 100573 is for three years with exclusions and stipulations. There is free lifetime technical support for the machine. Much of Champion’s customer-friendly reputation comes from their highly trained techs forming part of the Champion support team, a nationwide network of service centers, who are available around the clock for tech support and customer service.

About the Manufacturer

Champion Power Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of power equipment, and it designs, manufactures, and markets its equipment. In addition to generators, Champion’s lineup of products includes woodchippers, log splitters, cultivators, pressure washers, pumps, and many other power tools for both home and industrial use.


Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

How should the Champion 100573 be stored?

The generator should be kept upright and stored in a space that prevents it from getting wet.

What are the generator’s dimensions?

Height is 20.5 inches, length is 23.5 inches, and width is 24.8 inches.

How is the generator started?

There are three options: Electric push-button start, wireless remote start through a wireless remote key fob, and traditional recoil (choke and pull)

What fuel does the generator run on?

The Champion 100573 runs on gasoline.

Can the generator be used with power tools?

Any power tool that runs on a standard outlet will work with this generator.

What makes Champion Power Equipment 100573 4000 Watt A Digital Hybrid Inverter Generator?

Usually, Hybrid Generator systems use a combination of traditional fossil fuels with renewable sources. Thus the generator engine does not run continuously for them.

However, this DH series open-frame inverter generator is termed hybrid because instead of being fully enclosed like any other traditional inverter generator, it is an open-frame inverter generator. Such a hybrid produces a more cost-effective power solution as the arrangement permits us to use a larger engine and increase output power at a reduced cost.

Section 3: Things to consider before buying 

As with any generator, there are a few things to keep in mind as you evaluate the Champion 100573.

Best Suited

The Champion 100573 works best with RVs and home backup for temporary power outages. When used according to its guidelines, it will power most household electronics individually and a heavier load (multiple electronics and appliances) if it has fuel. Because of its size, it is ideal for taking to job sites, camping, etc.

Reasons to Buy

If you are looking for a generator that is easy to use, highly mobile, easy to store, and puts out enough power to get through most short to prolonged power outages, the Champion 100573 is an ideal choice. For almost any RV, home, or workshop need, the 100573 is ideal. 

Strengths, Average Specs & Weaknesses

The Champion 100573 weighs about 100 pounds and is 20.5 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 24.8 inches high. It has safety precautions against low oil or overheating and is EPA and CARB-compliant. While the machine has a max output of 4000 watts, it runs on about 3600.

Here are a few pros and cons:


  • It is quieter than most of the competition
  • It produces a lot of clean power
  • The controls are easy to use and clearly marked
  • High compatibility with other Champion generators
  • Rubber outlet protection


  • The Remote goes to standby after 12 hours, requiring physical activation to the online status.
  • No wheels, so carrying it is the way to move it.

Section 4: Social Proof

I looked at several websites selling the Champion 100573, and the reviews were almost exclusively positive. Most people appreciated the output, ease of use, and mobility of the machine. 

One caution many reviewers mentioned was that you must make sure the generator you are buying is new and not refurbished.

For its price, however, the Champion 100573 is a bargain, given its power output and ease of use. As one reviewer commented, you can spend a lot more and only get something marginally better. 

Related Products

The following are reasonable competitors of the Champion 100573.

Powermate PM4500E

Powermate is the old Coleman brand. The PM4500E has a large capacity fuel tank (that provides 20 hours at 25%.). It is not an inverter. That means it is louder and will not produce clean power. It also has wheels for transport. 

The Powermate PM4500E is the type of generator you use at a job site versus to power your home during a power outage. It is very similar in size to the 100573 but costs less. 

A-iPower SUA4000i

This generator is an inverter and runs for about 14 hours on a 25% load. Its fuel tank is 2.6 gallons to run a powerful four-cycle engine. In terms of noise, the A-iPower SUA4000i is slightly louder (68 decibels at 25 feet versus 64 with zero loads.) 

This generator compares admirably size-wise. It also has wheels, making it easier to transport. The output is almost identical, load or no load. 

DuroMax XP4400E

The first thing that jumps out about the XP4400E is its size, which is significantly smaller (24” L x 17” W x 17” H) in width and height. It also has wheels, which makes it much easier to move around. 

One major downside is that there is no electric start. The 212cc OHV engine, a workhorse, counterbalances the lack of an electric start. Pricewise, what you get is unbeatable.


If you live in an area with power outages or seasonal storms but do not want to spend thousands on a dedicated backup power system, the Champion 100573 is perfect. Portable, compact, and versatile, it will let you power your vital appliances and electronics with very little maintenance.

For more information, check out the Champion 100573 here.

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