Duromax XP10000e review

Duromax XP10000e review

The Duromax XP10000E is a gas-powered, portable generator that provides up to 8,000 watts of power. It is ideal for use in emergencies or as a backup power source for your home or business.

The generator features a durable, powder-coated steel frame and includes a wheel kit for easy transport. It also has a low-oil shutdown feature to protect the engine from damage. The Duromax XP10000e is a great choice for those who need a reliable, powerful, and heavy-duty generator. Read on our Duromax XP10000E review to know all the features and benefits of this generator.

Features & Benefits of XP10000E

Engine, Power Output, Run Time, Noise Levels

XP10000E is powered by gasoline fuelled, 439 cc displacement (approximately 18 hp), 3600 rpm, four-stroke, overhead valve (OHV), DuroMax brand forced air-cooled type engine. This DuroMax generator provides a power output of 8000 running watts and 10,000 starting watts sufficient to run heavy loads like air conditioners, refrigerators, and high amperage power tools in addition to normal lighting.

As you may be aware, the running wattage is the power a generator produces continuously while starting wattage is the maximum output of a power generator for a short period of time. Starting watts represent the extra bursts of surge power required by motor loads over their normal running wattage.

DuroMax XP10000E carries a fuel tank capacity of 8.2 US gallons (approximately 31 L) that can operate your appliances for more than 10 hours at half load and a full tank during a power outage. This equates to fuel consumption of 0.82 GPH or gallons per hour.

In spite of its large size, this DuroMax generator has a noise level rating of less than 74 DBA, which is comparable to a lawn mover.

XP10000E produces a total harmonic distortion of about 12%, which is quite high, rendering it unsuitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Outlets, Hook-Up Provisions, and Possibilities

This portable generator comes with six power outlets of five different types, as listed below, to allow you to hook it to your house.

  1. Duplex or 2 Nos. of 120V (5 – 20R) 3-prong 20 amp receptacle with GFCI,
  2. 1 No of 120V (L5 – 30R) 3-prong 30 amp twist lock receptacle,
  3. 1 No. of 120/240V (L14-30R), 4-prong 30 amp twist lock receptacle,
  4. 1 No. of 120/240V (14-50R), 4-prong 50 amp receptacle.
  5. 1 No. 12V 8A DC Outlet

The DC output can charge the batteries or power small DC items. You can connect 120V devices directly to the 120V receptacles or to the 120/240V receptacle with an appropriate adapter. However, 240V devices should only be connected to a 240V receptacle. You should never connect 50Hz or 3-phase devices to these generators.

This portable generator is not RV ready, though you can always connect to the RV through the L5-30R receptacle to the TT-30R adaptor via L5-30P.

This L14-30R receptacle on power generators makes them transfer switch ready and connects them to the entire house.

Power Boost MX2 Technology

DuroMax XP10000E features Power Boost Technology that allows you to double the generator power for heavy-duty applications.

The voltage selector switch allows you to select between AC 120V or AC 120/240V. When put in 120V position, the dual 120V windings of the portable generator are connected to produce 120V only. If many devices of 120V only are connected to the generator in this position, the amperage doubles, and loads are automatically balanced between the windings.

If you want to connect any 240V appliance to the 4-prong receptacle, put the selector switch in the 120/240V position only.

The selector switch must only be operated with the main AC circuit breaker in the OFF position.

Starting, Remote Start-Up

Using the manual recoil start pull rope, you can start your XP10000E in a conventional way like other portable generators. However, you can start it more conveniently using the electric start mechanism powered by a 12V DC, 7Ah battery delivered along with the generator.

Connect one end of the negative cable to the battery and another side to the ground to commission the electric start system.

The generator key start engine switch has three positions to “Start“, “Run” or switch “Off” the generator. To operate the electric start mechanism, insert the key and turn it to the Start position. Return the key to the Run position once the generator has started.

Portability, Dimensions, Weight

DuroMax XP10000E is a big and heavy open frame generator as its dimensions (L29″ x W30″ x h26″) and weight (228 lbs) clearly tells. While classified as one of the Duromax portable generators, it may be tough for you to manually lift and transport it.

Its sturdy steel frame makes it a good choice for outdoor applications where it may be exposed to elements in tough environments.

Thanks to the wheel kit comprising support legs, wheel axles, and a folding flip-up type handle fixed onto the support frame, you can move it within your premises, once you have managed to place it on the ground. The wheel type is 10-1/2-inch knobby all-terrain, never-flat solid.

Other Features

Let me quickly apprise you of some of the additional features that DuroMax XP10000E has loaded with. You can access the owner’s manual for the generator here.

Paralleling with Other Generators

DuroMax Xp10000E is not suitable for operating in parallel with other DuroMax generators.

Control Panel Features

The control panel for XP10000E includes the following features:

  1. A Volt Meter provides the RMS value of the voltage output. This also provides you with an insight into the status and health of the generator.
  2. Voltage Selector Switch: This allows you to switch between 120V only and 120/240V as explained above in the MX2 Power Boost technology section.
  3. Overload protection through a Circuit Breaker: Circuit breakers protect the generator from an electric overload and short circuit.
  4. Auto-throttle feature: This feature also known as the idle control permits you to run the generator at a reduced speed during no-load conditions to reduce gas consumption and noise level.

Security, Alarms, Accessories

In addition to standard features and accessories on most portable generators like the air cleaner, oil filter, fuel filter cup, fuel valve, and automatic voltage regulation, DuroMax XP10000E carries the following features:

  1. Oil Alert Lamp: Before operating your portable generator for the first time, you must add engine oil to completely fill the engine crankcase. The engine oil capacity for DuroMax Xp10000E is 1.1L and the recommended engine oil is SAE 10W-30. Take care not to overfill the crankcase. The oil alert lamp will glow when the engine oil reaches insufficient levels.
  2. Automatic Low Oil Shutoff: DuroMax XP10000E will automatically shut down if you have not acted on the low-level alarm and the oil levels have gone below the minimum levels.
  3. CO Sensor Shutdown: XP10000E shuts itself down when the Carbon monoxide level rises above the recommended safe levels to protect you from the hazards related to CO inhalation.
  4. Recharge Indicator: This indicates the status of the charge on the 12V battery.
  5. Fuel Gauge: It tells you about the amount of gasoline in the fuel tank.
  6. Spark Arrestor: This feature allows XP10000E to be used in forest areas.


Noise Reduction Muffler on the generator reduces the engine emissions and the noise. DuroMax XP10000E is Carb compliant model and EPA-approved. So it meets all the 50 state emissions norms and hence this carb-approved power generator is allowed for sale and purchase in all the states including California.


For residential users, DuroMax Power Equipment provides a limited parts warranty of 3 years, in the event of failure due to defects in the mechanical or electrical components. This warranty is non-transferable and valid for the original purchaser only. For commercial use or at construction sites, the period of coverage is reduced to one year.

About the Manufacturer

DuroMax was established in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Ontario, California. They manufacture inverter generators, portable generators, and portable standby units up to 15 kW ratings, specializing in dual fuel portable generators. while their generators are designed in the US, they are produced outside.

Their product line includes pressure washers, engines, pumps, and other accessories.

FAQ about the product

What is the THD for DuroMax generators?

This size of the Duromax generator has a total harmonic distortion rating of 12 to 20%, varying with the load on the generator. These generators produce a sine wave, not a square or modified sine wave.

You may consider purchasing inverter generators if your specific appliance requires a THD value of less than 5%.

How can I make my generator quieter?

The DuroMax generators are provided with oversized mufflers and the manufacturer does not recommend any modification or use of third-party mufflers to their units.

Is the generator a floating or bonded neutral generator?

Most Duromax models have a floating neutral. All of the inverter generators and some select models of the traditional portable generator have bonded neutral.

What will happen if the generator gets overloaded?

The overload protection circuit breaker will trip and isolate the loads in the case of an overload.

Things to consider before buying

Best Suited For 

Xp10000E is a powerful generator that can provide power to the majority of your home appliances including an air conditioner or heating equipment, cooking tools, refrigerator, etc during power outages.

Small and medium-sized business owners can be fully autonomous. The generator is good to use on the construction sites and provides enough power for tools and lighting.

Reasons to Buy

  1. If you experience frequent grid failures, live in disaster-prone areas, and want to ensure comfort and safety for your family in these conditions.
  2. If your business or job site requires power in remote areas, or you are mobile and want to be self-contained.

Strengths, Average Specs & Weaknesses

Like any product on the market, XP10000E has its fair share of strengths, weaknesses, and areas that follow average specifications.


  1. Fairly quiet generator for the size, power, and engine rating.
  2. It has six outlets of five different types to hook up the generator to your house including the GFCI ones.
  3. It comes with a battery and cables for the electric start-up, low oil detection & shutdown, CO sensor shutdown, etc.
  4. Expected price range.


  1. The battery is difficult to reach making it tough to maintain or replace.
  2. Unlike most other Duromax generators, it only uses gasoline.
  3. Does not come with a remote start feature.

Std Features

  1. Big size and heavy, making it difficult to move.
  2. The runtime of 10 hrs at 50% is decent.

Social Proof

It is always a good idea to look for the online reviews of the products, particularly expensive ones, before buying them. Our team did that and found more than 85% positive reviews for XP10000E on Amazon itself. While these reviews are for XP10000E and XP10000EH, a dual fuel type unit has a dual fuel switch to change over gasoline and propane.

You can see some of those out of many users who posted their comments below:

DuroMax XP10000E Review 01M

The reviewer John is happy with the power output as the unit was able to easily cater to the search wattage requirements of his 3-Ton AC unit, its mobility over the uneven terrain, instructions provided in the owner’s manual, and the control panel layout. He does talk about the battery accessibility and diameter of the exhaust as some of the constraints.


The second reviewer Coastie used this portable generator during Hurricane Irma in 2017 for 77 hours and even helped his neighbors barely stopping to refuel the unit and ensure enough oil in the engine.


The third reviewer Robert even carried out some tests on his own to confirm this portable generator’s performance and presented them in his in-depth review. He seems satisfied with most areas including how much power the unit is able to generate except for the noise and the lifting provisions.

Related Products

This section presents you with the three close alternatives that can fulfill the same needs as XP10000E. The selected units include Generac’s GP8000E, Champion 100416, and Durostar DS10000E. The selected units deliver similar power in terms of starting and running watts. The comparison includes the key aspects such as noise, fuel efficiency, weight, autonomy, and price.

Comparison with the Featured Product

All the selected alternatives provide 8000 starting watts and 10,000 running watts. All of them are gasoline generators except Champion 100416, a tri-fuel type generator. The comparison data for these units is presented in the table below

  Duromax XP10000E Generac
Durostar DS10000E
Noise 72 Not Known 74 74
Fuel Efficiency 0.82 0.72 0.68 0.83
Weight 218 198 207 218
Autonomy 8.2 USG
(10 Hrs. 50%)
7.9 USG
(11 Hrs. 50%)
8.5 USG
(12.5 Hrs. 50%)
7.93 USG
(10 Hrs. 50%)
Price Check at Amazon Check at Amazon Check at Amazon Check at Amazon

Noise: All of these generators have noise ratings in the range of 72 to 74 dBA except for GP8000E, which does not have any published noise data. These noise values can be considered only average for this power rating. If noise emission is your main selecting criteria, you may have to look for other alternatives at higher costs or consider some noise treatment measures

Fuel Consumption & Efficiency: From the data on fuel efficiency, you can see that Champion 100416 is much more fuel-efficient at 0.68 GPH, followed by Generac GP8000E at 0.72 GPH. DuroMax XP10000E consumes much higher gallons to power 50% load for one hour. In this power range, you can also get generators that consume fuel at the rate of 0.55 GPH.

Autonomy: All the selected generators come with an onboard fuel tank that can carry 7.9 to 8.5 US gallons of fuel. This tank size translates to a run time of 10 hours to 12.5 hours with a 50% load and a full tank. XP10000E provides a run time of 10 hours which is considered an average performance. Champion 100416 is able to run for around 12.5 hours under similar conditions.

Weight: XP10000E has a dry weight of about 218 lbs, which is in the expected range for this power category. Generac and Champion units are lighter than XP10000E. The lightest generators for this power range weigh around 185 lbs.

Price: In terms of price, XP 10000E is comparable to most other similar generators. Champion 100416 has higher fuel efficiency and better autonomy but costs about 20% more than its DuroMax counterpart.


Duromax portable generators are known for their durability, performance, and reliability. The XP10000E is no exception to this rule. It provides a decent power backup to almost power your entire house and has a reasonable noise level, autonomy, and fuel efficiency for the price range. Please click to check it out !! 

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