Duromax xP12000EH review

Duromax xP12000EH review

The Duromax XP12000EH is a dual fuel portable generator capable of powering a home during a power outage. The Duromax XP12000EH is a workhorse of a generator with 12000 watts of starting power and 9000 running watts. The generator is a perfect energy backup for power outages.

When the power goes out, it pays to have a plan. The Duromax XP12000EH is at the top of its class regarding affordable dual-fuel portable generators. 

A great feature of this unit is its dual-fuel capabilities. 

Propane is less susceptible to degradation over time, making it a more reliable energy source than gasoline. The ability to store your generator’s fuel for an extended period cuts down on maintenance costs. It ensures your generator is always on standby, ready to help in a power outage.

Product Highlight

DuroMax XP12000EH

Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable

  • Starting – 12,000 W, Running – 9,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 224 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 8.3 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 8 hrs at 50% load with Gasoline and 3.5 Hrs at 50% load with 20 lbs Propane tank.

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a look at some of the Duromax XP12000EH’s main features and benefits:

Power Output, Run Time

The DuroMax XP12000EH’s running power is 9000 watts, with the ability to output 12000 watts during energy-demanding periods. Dual-fuel capabilities allow owners to choose the best fuel for their power generation needs.

The Duromax XP12000EH can run for nineteen hours at 25% load capacity when fueled with gasoline. This portable generator runs for eight hours at 50% load capacity when fueled with gasoline.

Powering the Duromax XP12000EH with propane limits the unit’s peak performance but is a safe choice for users looking for reliable standby fuel. This generator will run for fourteen hours, powered by propane at 25% load capacity. This generator will run for seven hours at 50% load capacity.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities

The Duromax XP12000EH comes with ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCI) to prevent shocks and fire hazards. The last thing you want during a power outage is an additional problem. 

The Duromax XP12000Eh comes with various plug hookups, including two 5-20R, one L5-30R, one L14-30R, one 14-50R, and one 12V post mount. The variety of mounts on this portable generator means it is equally capable at the house or on the job site. Check out the NEMA plug chart if you are unsure what outlets you need to power.


To ensure you can always start your Duromax XP12000EH, DuroMax designed this unit with both a manual recoil start and an electric start. The manual recoil start is operated using a choke and pull cord. You operate the electric start with the turn of a key. 

The inclusion of two start option is an excellent feature because it ensures you always have a way to start your generator.

We recommend copying your generator’s ignition key as soon as you receive the unit. Store the spare key in a safe location in case of emergency to ensure you always have a quick, easy way to start your unit.

This unit does not come with a remote start feature.


The Duromax XP12000EH is 29″-long x 30″-wide x 26″-high, making it highly portable for such a powerful generator. The generator’s compact dimensions make the unit easy to store.

This portable generator weighs 238lbs, which is heavy, but not egregiously so. The unit comes with wheels and a handle which improves its portability on level ground. 

This portable generator comes with an 8.3-gallon gasoline tank that adds 40 to 50lbs of weight to the unit. We recommend waiting to fill your portable generator’s tank until you finish setting it up to make the unit more portable.

Other Features

This portable generator includes a three-year limited warranty and an oil funnel, a spark plug wrench, a toolset, a wheel and handle kit, DC charging cables, and an owner’s manual.

Duromax XP12000EH vs. Other Generators

The Duromax XP12000EH is comparable to other 12000-watt dual-fuel generators. The Duromax XP12000EH is a durable and affordable unit capable of powering most homes in the event of a power outage, as are most other brands of generators. Its economical price and rugged durability set the DuroMax XP12000EH apart from the competition.

It is worth noting that the Duromax XP12000EH generator is relatively spartan in its execution. Many of the fancy features available on other generators, such as remote start or LCD readouts, are absent on this generator model. 

The exclusion of technical features means the user experience of this unit can be slightly less intuitive than that of other generators. Still, it also means DuroMax’s unit has fewer parts that can fail.

Control Panel Features

The DuroMax Xp12000EH comes with a legible and compact control panel. The control panel is home to the generator’s power mounts, including alternating and direct current mounts (AC and DC, respectively). 

The control panel also houses the generator’s ignition, volt readout, and AC/DC circuit protectors. Safety features, including a grounding terminal and recharge and low oil indicator lights, are also located on the control panel.

Security, Alarms, Accessories

The DuroMax XP12000EH’s greatest security feature is its weight. The unit is difficult to steal at over two hundred pounds dry weight, especially if properly secured with an anti-theft lock. 

This portable generator does not feature an alarm or built-in security system, so we recommend storing your generator indoors in a secure, dry environment.


The DuroMax XP12000EH is 50 States Emission certified, which means it meets or exceeds federal and state emission requirements nationwide. The DuroMax XP12000EH is also EPA and CARB certified, meaning it can be used on any job site in any state without the threat of an emissions fine.


The DuroMax XP12000EH portable generator comes with a three-year limited warranty that must be registered upon product purchase. The warranty covers the diagnosis, labor, and part costs for coverable issues. 

This unit also has a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the performance of your portable generator, Duromax will return the unit as long as it is still in good, operable condition. 

For warranty coverage, details, or questions about Duromax’s portable generator warranty, email [email protected] or call (800) 629-3325 Monday – Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM, PST.

About the Manufacturer

The DuroMax XP12000EH is manufactured by DuroMax Power Equipment, located in Ontario, California. DuroMax Power Equipment has been making power appliances since 1989 and portable generators since 2003. 

The company’s expertise in power appliance manufacture means the DuroMax XP1200EH is built with longevity in mind.


Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions related to the DuroMax XP12000EH:

How much is the DuroMax XP12000EH?

The DuroMax XP12000EH currently retails for $1,299.

Will the DuroMax XP12000EH power my home?

Yes, the DuroMax XP12000EH comes with two 120-volt receptacles capable of powering all household appliances made for US electrical systems.

What does dual fuel mean?

Dual fuel means that the DuroMax XP1200EH generator can operate on propane or gasoline fuel. Gasoline fuel produces more power than propane fuel.

Where are DuroMax portable generators made?

DuroMax portable generators are engineered and designed in Ontario, California, and built overseas.

Do DuroMax portable generators come with a battery?

Yes, all DuroMax generators equipped with electric start come with the required twelve-volt battery needed for unit operation.

Things to Consider Before Buying 

At $1,299, this generator is no small investment. Below are some additional considerations that will help determine if this generator is right for you.

Best Suited For

The DuroMax XP12000EH generator is best suited for homeowners with high energy needs. This portable generator is rugged, reliable, and versatile, making it a trusty companion in an emergency. 

The rigorous emissions standards of this generator also make it suitable for job sites without power hookups.

Reasons to Buy

You should buy a DuroMax XP12000EH portable generator if you need a durable power generation solution. 

People who may need a backup energy source include homeowners living in regions with frequent inclement weather or aging electrical power systems. 

DuroMax XP12000EH Pros

  • Meets all federal and state emission requirements
  • A variety of outlets for to suit most power mounting needs
  • Extensive warranty that covers manufacturer defects

DuroMax XP12000EH Cons

  • More expensive than other 12000 watt portable generators
  • It can be difficult to transport at over 200lbs
  • No advanced technological features such as an LCD readout or remote start

Standard Features

  • Dual Fuel capabilities: able to run on propane or gasoline
  • Manual and electric start ensure portable generator always starts
  • Average run-time of seven to twelve hours at 4000 to 6000 watts

What People Say

On average, more than half of DuroMax XP12000EH owners were extremely satisfied with their portable generators. The unit arrived as described and performed beautifully during power outage events. Owners noted that the unit does not come with oil and requires about a quart and a half of 5-W30 to operate, something useful to keep in mind for first-time generator owners.

A handful of owners noted that their unit arrived with manufacturer defects or did not function as described. In these scenarios, DuroMax customer service honored their warranty and replaced the unit as promised.

Overall, the DuroMax XP12000EH has proven itself to be a reliable, durable, useful generator that meets most homeowner power generation needs.

Related Products

The DuroMax XP12000EH is far from the only 12000-watt portable generator available to consumers. Westinghouse, Champion, and Cummins all produce highly rated generators in the same class.

Westinghouse WGen12000

The WGen12000 from Westinghouse is rated to run at 12000 watts and can produce 15000 surge watts, which makes it more powerful than its DuroMax counterpart. A large 10.5-gallon tank allows for a ten-hour run time at 50% capacity. 

This Westinghouse generator has more technical features than its DuroMax counterpart, including low-idle technology and remote start capabilities. The Westinghouse Wgen12000 is heavier and louder than the DuroMax XP1200EH and currently retails for $2,500.

Champion Victory Series 12,000W/15,000W Generator

This 12,000-watt generator from Champion is the most expensive alternative to the DuroMax XP12000EH at $3,000. This generator can produce 6,000 watts for nine hours. This champion generator is heavy, weighing 363lbs. decibel rating is 78 at a distance of 23 feet.

Although it is loud and heavy, this generator can produce 15,000 surge watts and has a durable roll cage design. This unit’s rugged durability and high power generation capabilities make it ideal for job-site applications.

Cummins Onan P9500df Dual-Fuel Generator

The most economically priced alternative to the DuroMax XP12000EH is the Cummins Onan P9500DF generator. This Cummins generator features the same dual fuel capabilities as the DuroMax generator but for $200 less. 

This portable generator does produce fewer peak watts than the DuroMax generator but does deliver comparable running watts. This portable generator can run for eight hours at 50% capacity on gasoline fuel.

At just under 200lbs, this Cummins generator is also the lightest alternative to the DuroMax generator. Unfortunately, the smaller size of this unit does not translate to a quieter generator. This generator produces noise comparable to the beastly Champion generator with a decibel rating of 74.


The DuroMax XP12000EH generator is an ideal mid-market power generation solution for homeowners looking for a backup power supply. 

The DuroMax XP12000EH features a minimal design with few breakable parts and built-in backup functionality in the case of a feature malfunction. 

The flexibility of dual-fuel means that homeowners have greater energy security than they would have with a generator that runs exclusively off gasoline. To purchase or learn more about the DuroMax XP12000EH generator, click here.

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