Duromax XP13000HX

Duromax XP13000HX

The DuroMax XP13000HX generator offers a good amount of power for a moderate price. With the ability to accept multiple types of fuel and a solid run time under load, this generator provides power for a wide range of appliances and tools without breaking the bank. 

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a look at the features of the DuroMax XP13000HX and what those features do for us: 

Product Highlight

DuroMax XP13000HX

Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable

  • Starting – 13,000 W, Running – 10,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 240 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 8.3 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 8.5 hrs at 50% load

Power, Output, and Run Time

The DuroMax XP13000HX is rated for 13,000 surge watts and 10,500 running watts, meaning that this generator can kick out a lot of power when in use. This much power can run several large home appliances, including a refrigerator, freezer, and even air conditioning for some small to medium-sized homes. 

Since this generator can take both gasoline and propane, you’ll find that the run time is different depending on what fuel you use. Gasoline works better than propane, running for 8.5 hours at half load compared to propane’s 6.5 hours. Still, considering that half-load means over 5,000 watts of power, you’ll be running plenty of electronics no matter what fuel you use. 

Outlets, Hook-Up Provisions, and Possibilities

The XP13000HX has a wide range of outlets to suit your power hook-up needs. In total, there are seven outlets on the front face of the generator: one 120V/30A twist-lock outlet, four 120V/20A standard home outlets, one 120V/240V, 50A heavy duty outlet, and one 120V/240V 30A twist-lock outlet. 

In addition to the onboard gasoline tank, the generator also has a propane hookup on the left side of the front face of the generator, meaning you can easily switch between propane and gas to power the generator. 

Starting and Remote Start

Many budget generators have a recoil start mechanism where you have to pull a ripcord to get the engine spinning. Thankfully, generator manufacturers have caught up with other appliance manufacturers and making push-start ignition more common. The DuroMax XP13000HX has a push-start ignition so that you can get the power flowing when needed with no hassle. 

This generator doesn’t come with a remote start option, though. So, if you need to get the generator going, you’ll have to walk over to it and press the ignition button yourself. This might not be a problem for construction sites, but folks using this generator during a storm or cold weather might not appreciate having to brave the elements for their power. 

Portability, Dimensions, and Weight

In total, the generator measures 30 x 29 x 26 inches, meaning this generator is big and beefy! Expect this generator to take up a good chunk of space when it is in use, meaning it might not be great for folks with small yards. 

Also, this generator weighs about 240 pounds, making it heavy, too. There are two wheels on the side of the generator to make it easier to pull around your home or work site. But expect this generator to be easy to lift or store away without some help or a ramp. 

Other Features

Here are some other features of the XP13000HX worth considering: 

Paralleling With Other Generators

Unfortunately, this generator doesn’t have any onboard parallel compatibility. You’ll have to use multiple generators separately to get more power than what this generator can make on its own. 

Control Panel Features

In addition to the push-to-start power button, the control panel also features a digital multimeter to check voltage while the generator is in use. There are also switch controls for battery operation and idle modes. 

Security, Alarms, and Accessories

The control panel also features indicator lights for the low oil and carbon monoxide sensors so you can stay safe and keep the generator well-maintained between uses. 

Alongside the generator, you also get a fuel funnel, a propane hose, a battery, and the wheelset for the generator in the box. 


DuroMax’s XP13000HX is both EPA and CARB-certified, meaning that the generator meets the strict standards in place by Californian law for emissions. The generator has a design and sensors meant to mitigate carbon monoxide production and warn users about any sudden spikes in carbon monoxide around the generator. 


DuroMax offers a three-year warranty on this generator. In addition to replacing parts that go faulty during that window, DuroMax also offers remote technical assistance for users having trouble with their generators. Given how many extra features the generator has, this service is really appreciated!

About the Manufacturer

DuroMax is an American manufacturer based in California. They specialize in small and medium-sized power generators and dual-fuel generators. Their technical services are based in the United States, but the manufacturing takes place overseas. 

The company started manufacturing back in 2003 and has been a big player in the generator scene for the last 19 years. 


Here are a couple of common questions about DuroMax and medium-output generators in general: 

How Good is A DuroMax Generator?

DuroMax has a good reputation for its generators thanks to their product’s good durability and longevity. Also, being based in California, the generators have to meet stricter emissions standards than other parts of America, making them safer than other generator brands when it comes to carbon monoxide production. 

What Will A 13,000 Watt Generator Run?

Thirteen thousand watts can power a lot of stuff! Multiple large-scale appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and high-amperage power tools can all run off of a single power source putting out 13,000 watts. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before picking up this generator, you should think about why you need one of these in the first place. The DuroMax XP13000hX might be overkill for some folks who only need one or two appliances or tools on a remote power source. 

Ultimately, that’s why the XP13000HX might be considered: this generator can pump out enough power to keep half a dozen large appliances or more running for hours. 

These strengths of the generator are some of the things that stand out to me when I look it over: 

  • The amount of power this puts out will satisfy just about any user looking to keep some power-hungry appliances or tools running. 
  • The extra safety and convenience features mean that this generator is simple and easy to use for almost anyone. 
  • For all of these features, this generator is within an expected price point compared to other generators with similar power output. 

Still, not everything is perfect with this generator: 

  • It’s not the most fuel-efficient generator in its class, especially when using propane
  • No remote start means that you have to brave the elements if you need to turn the generator on. 
  • Despite its 8.3-gallon tank, the generator only runs for about eight hours on gas before depleting its fuel. On propane, it’s even shorter at six hours. 

Social Proof

So, after searching around online, I found some reviews of folks who are happy with this generator. Always a good thing, considering how important these appliances are to keeping folks safe during bad weather!

First, many people tend to comment on how well-made the generators are. Folks love how the DuroMax XP13000HX stands up under moderate load and stays chugging away no matter what fuel source it uses. 

Specifically, I’ve seen that folks enjoy how many appliances that can run off the generator. While it won’t be able to handle something power-intensive like a central heating unit, other appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and even air condition units often come up in reviews as things people run off this generator. 

However, you’ll hear some complaints about the noise from this generator. This won’t matter too much if the generator will sit far away from the house, but it should still be noted that the engine runs on the loud side. 

Related Products

While the DuroMax XP13000HX is a solid generator, it won’t fit everyone’s needs. Here are some examples of generators in a similar vein to the XP13000HX but with some unique twists: 

  • Westinghouse WGen9500DF: While this generator is smaller, lighter, and a little cheaper than the XP13000HX, it doesn’t put out as much power for a similar noise level. Still, this generator has a remote start and many of the same safety features, making it a solid competitor for home power use. 
  • Pulsar G12KBN: Also smaller and lighter, this generator has a longer run time and half-load compared to the DuroMax XP13000HX. Still, much like the Westinghouse generator, this product puts out 1000 fewer surge watts than the XP13000HX. 
  • Champion 100111: If you need more power and for longer than the XP13000HX, this generator will get it done with 15,000 watts of surge power and a 10-hour run time. However, this generator is almost twice as expensive as the XP13000HX, meaning those extra couple thousand watts come with a cost. 


The DuroMax XP13000HX is a good source of power for home use and remote worksites that need a lot of power. Its power output, decent runtime, and dual fuel-source input mean that this generator can provide convenient power for a good number of large appliances. 

If you want to check out this generator for yourself, click here to see the specs and information!

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