Generac GP15000E

Generac GP15000E

Generac has been one of the most popular affordable power solutions for numerous applications for over 60 years. The Generac GP15000E portable generator unit is ideal for those needing a large amount of power in an emergency or out on a job site. 

So what makes this model stand out against the competitors? We take a more in-depth look at its many features and benefits and how this portable generator will suit your needs. 

Product Highlight

Generac GP15000E (5734)

Electric Start Gas Powered Portable

  • Starting – 22,500 W, Running – 15,000 W.
  • Dry Weight – 363 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 16 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 10 hrs at 50% load

Features and Benefits

If you need a reliable emergency backup power source for your home or require a stable portable generator for work, the Generac GP15000E could be the best solution. 

Power Output, Run Time

The Generac GP15000E has an AC maximum starting output of 22,500 watts and continues with 15,000 watts of running output. This amount allows users to run a 5-ton air conditioner or other household appliances without issues. 

This model can run for ten straight hours with a 50% load, making it an extremely efficient portable power source. Of course, the run time extends when the load is lighter as it works more efficiently during operation. 

Outlets, Hook-Up Provisions, and Possibilities 

The GP15000E portable generator comes equipped with various outlets to suit your diverse needs to hook up at home or work. With this model, you will find: 

  • One 12-volt DC outlet 
  • One 125/250-volt 14-50R outlet
  • One 125/250-volt 30A L14-30R Twist Lock outlet
  • Two 120-volt L5-30R 30A Twist Lock outlets
  • One 120-volt 20A 5-20R GFCI Duplex outlet
  • One 120-volt 20A 5-20R Duplex outlet

Whether you need to run a table saw on the job site or your fridge and freezer during a power outage, the Generac GP15000E can handle the task. 

Starting, Remote Start 

An easy-starting feature is essential for users who need backup power in a hurry. This Generac model includes an electric start battery paired with a one-pull start for the easiest way to access power fast. 

The oversized recoil and high-efficiency decompression system aids in minimizing the effort necessary for pulling the recoil during starting. Use its On/Off/Start button to access portable power from this unit quickly.  

Portability, Dimensions, Weight 

The Generac GP15000E portable generator is big enough to power your entire home or job site but small enough to be mobile. 

Its integrated lifting eye makes it easy to transport to and from the job site and for security. In addition, this model includes pneumatic, never-flat wheels for reliability. 

The GP15000E model measures 48.5 inches long, 31 inches wide, and 39.5 inches high. The complete unit is encased with a 1-¼” hardened steel tube cradle for increased strength, durability, and protection during storage and use. 

The entire product weighs 363 pounds of dry weight, making it less portable than other smaller Generac models. 

Other Features

Of course, each Generac generator model will slightly differ while offering various other features to suit individual needs. 

Paralleling with Other Generators 

If your situation requires significant power, paralleling the GP15000E is an option. However, you will need to use an identical model that offers the same watts and output and use a designated Generac transfer switch to synchronize them before use. 

Control Panel Features 

The control panel contains numerous circuit breakers for protection. In addition, there is an onboard hour meter to monitor runtime and track maintenance intervals and an idle control switch for easy operation. 

Security, Alarms, Accessories 

The Generac GP15000E portable generator has a Low-Oil Pressure Shutdown feature that helps protect the engine from damage during operation with low oil levels. Its dual-element air filter protects the engine from environmental dust, dirt, and debris while extending service intervals. 

This model comes with a maintenance kit that includes air and oil filters, a funnel, two spark plugs, and more to help make your first routine maintenance task more manageable. 


This unit has the Generac OHVI engine that includes full pressure lubrication for longer life. 

The onboard idle control switch on the GP15000E helps minimize noise from the operation and ensures more efficient usage by conserving fuel and prolonging runtime. In addition, its emissions configuration is allowable for 49 states according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). 


Based on the application use, Generac provides a 2-year limited residential or a 1-year commercial warranty. Of course, this warranty is dependent on manufacturer defects and not due to neglect or abuse of the product. 

About the Manufacturer 

Generac is well-known for providing high-quality products to consumers at affordable rates. Their generators and accessories are durable and reliable for residential, commercial, and industrial use. 

FAQs on the Generac GP15000E Portable Generator 

If you have any further concerns about the Generac GP15000E portable generator, explore these frequently asked questions below. 

How Many Hours are Generac Generators Good For? 

On average, a Generac generator should last approximately 3,000 hours or more with proper maintenance and use. This timeframe can mean a typical household will have their product for between 25 and 30 years of emergency home usage. 

Can You Continuously Run a Generac Generator? 

If the unit has a continuous fuel supply and there are no mechanical faults or issues, users can run a Generac generator for weeks at a time without problems. The control panel on the Generac GP15000E comes well-equipped with numerous power outlets to satisfy many power needs.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Generac GP15000E Model

Choosing the best portable generator can be a chore. However, with so many models and options to choose from, keeping these factors in mind can help guide your decision on purchasing a Generac GP15000E unit. 

Best Suited For 

The GP15000E model is powerful enough to provide substantial emergency power to your home in times of need. 

The GP15000E portable generator is a terrific solution for commercial applications for small to moderate job sites. Additionally, its integrated lifting eye makes transportation more effortless than ever. 

Reasons to Buy

Whether you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes or snowstorms, this unit can ensure that your home sustains heat, your food does not spoil, and you keep your sensitive electronics charged and ready for use.

Commercial users find this unit beneficial when requiring temporary power for tools, lights, or other specific needs on the job site. 

Strengths, Average Specs, and Weaknesses 

Generac prides itself on providing reliable products at affordable rates. So naturally, their products have advantages and weaknesses, making them well-suited for some situations, but not for others. 


  • Affordable
  • Large-capacity fuel tank 
  • Integrated lifting eye for easy movement 


  • It can be too heavy to move around as a recreational power source
  • Requires transfer switch to parallel with another GP15000E 
  • Will not power an entire house with all major electrical devices running simultaneously

Standard Features 

  • 1-¼” steel tube cradle for additional stability and durability 
  • Includes a fixed handle and pneumatic wheels  
  • Easy, one-pull electric start for easy operation 

What Customers Are Saying About the Generac GP15000E 

After scouring the internet and user forums, the Generac GP15000E portable generator is popular with many homeowners and small businesses. On average, the consensus is that this model is ideal for many different needs. Here is some popular feedback on this model. 

  • Business contractor AIB purchased theGP15000E for construction worksites without operation issues. These durable units provide the power necessary for the job even under intense conditions. 
  • Residential user Scot07 recently purchased his second Generac unit as the previous model for his emergency power source for the home was sold with his house. The GP15000E generator works terrific in his new place, providing everything he needs in an emergency. 
  • JasonVA, a consumer on the Generac’s website, professes how reliable this model is even after sitting in storage for long periods and only used in power emergencies. They have never had an issue with their GP15000E starting when they need it most. 

Related Products

For comparison’s sake, we researched an alternative to the Generac GP1500E portable generator and found a similar model. 

DuroMax XP15000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Although this DuroMax 15,000-watt generator has some distinguishing features that the Generac one does not offer, it does come at a higher price than the GP15000E model. 

Similarly, the DuroMax XP15000EH unit will run approximately 10 hours with a 50% load and includes low-oil shutoff protection. 

The XP15000EH can operate using gas or propane, giving it more versatility and a more cost-effective running solution for users. It is also approved for use in all 50 states, making it slightly more accessible for all U.S. residents. 

However, it is slightly heavier than the Generac model, weighing 380 pounds against the GP15000E’s 363 pounds. 

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for a mobile generator that is powerful enough to run your job site or provide power to your home in a storm, the Generac GP1500E portable model may be the answer. 

This durable and reliable generator can last you years when you need it for an emergency or to provide enough power for your power tools at work. Click here to view more about the Generac GP15000E model and pricing in your area. 

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