Ryobi 1800 Generator

Ryobi 1800 Generator

Ryobi is a power tool and outdoor equipment manufactured by Techtronic Industries. Ryobi produces several sizes of generators for various purposes. They are typically well rated by customers. The Ryobi 1800 Generator is a small output machine well suited for camping, tailgating, and other recreational activities. 

Features and Benefits

This campsite and the recreational generator have just the right features and benefits to make your overnight trip or tailgate party powered up.

Power, Output, and Run Time

The Ryobi 1800 generator gives you 1800 running watts and 2300 starting watts. When powering any device with a motor, you’ll have to anticipate the starting wattage. 

If you take a mini-fridge along when tailgating, factor in the starting wattage. While camping you can power a stove, some lights, and a radio, and charge your phone without a problem.

The single-fuel tank holds 1.2 gallons of gasoline. You’ll get slightly over three hours running at a full 1800-watt load. Enjoy 8 hours of running time on half the power load.

Outlets and Hook-Ups

You’ll find two kinds of outlets on the Ryobi 1800. There are two 120 volt outlets for small appliances, and two USB ports for small electronics. Keep your phone charged up in case of emergencies and stay on top of all your tasks. 

It’s also nice to keep some creature comfort even at a campground. I love having my electric coffee maker instead of an open-fire percolator. You can power a fan or space heater on this generator too. 

Starting and Remote Start

The Ryobi 1800 features two start-up options. It has a recoil start where you pull the cord to start the engine. Many generators and other small engine machines start this way. 

You can save your shoulder some strain with the remote start option. This generator is Bluetooth compatible allowing you to start it from your phone. 

Simply download the free RYOBI GenControl app for Apple or Android. You can start the generator, monitor the power consumption and fuel level, and shut down the generator. 

Portability, Dimensions, and Weight

Ryobi designed this generator for portability. It features a telescoping handle, dual rear wheels, a suitcase handle, and a front and rear handle assembly. Several options for griping and two sturdy wheels make maneuvering the generator easy. You can move it from your camper to the lakefront with no problem.

It measures 19x22x12.5 and weighs about 52 lbs making it ideal for loading into your truck bed for a tailgate or camping trip. It’s quiet as well, so it won’t disturb your neighbors. 

Other Features

In addition to the standard features and Bluetooth capability, this generator sports a few more bells and whistles.

Paralleling with Other Generators

Some instances call for more power. The Ryobi 1800 comes parallel kit capable. You can connect two generators with the parallel kit for twice the power. 

Keep in mind that using a non-Ryobi brand kit could void your warranty. Luckily, you can pick one up for about $50.

Control Panel Features

The control panel has an LCD screen display. You can see real-time fuel levels, power load, and remaining running time. You can see all these stats on your GenControl app too. Check your fuel and power output from your spot by the campfire. 

Security, Alarms, and Accessories

In addition to the CO sensor and shutoff, there are a couple of other great safety features on the Ryobi 1800.

  • Low oil shutdown
  • Muffler
  • Overload protection

The muffler makes this generator as quiet as can be when you need to reduce noise such as at campgrounds. 


The main concern when using a gasoline power generator is CO emission. Ryobi addressed safety and environmental concerns in the design of this generator. This ANSI/UL2201 certified generator features a CO sensor with auto-shutoff. If the carbons-monoxide level builds up around the generator, the safety feature will engage.

The Ryobi 1800 is EPA and USDA approved. California residents can purchase this generator with confidence since it is also CARB compliant

Only use a gas-powered generator outdoors.


Ryobi offers a limited manufacturer’s warranty on the 1800-watt generator. You can get a 3-year warranty for residential use and a 90-day warranty for commercial. 

The warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for the original purchaser. They will repair your generator at an authorized service dealership, or replace it if repairs are not possible. 

The warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear or cover tune-up items such as spark plugs, carburetors, ignition, or filters.  

About the Manufacturer

Originally a Japanese die casting company, Ryobi began manufacturing power tools in 1968.  Now, Techtronic Industries manufactures Ryobi Power Tools and Ryobi Outdoor Power Equipment under a license from Ryobi Limited. 

Ryobi products generally garner excellent customer reviews. They are solid tools and equipment that work when you need them.

FAQs About the Ryobi 1800

Here are a few answers to common questions to help you know if a Ryobi 1800 is right for you. 

Are Ryobi generators loud?

This machine is designed to be quiet so you can use it at campgrounds and tailgate parties. It runs slightly below 68 decibels when powering a full load. It is quieter with smaller power loads. 

How are Ryobi generators rated?

Generally, Ryobi generators have excellent customer reviews and 4 or 5-star ratings. 

What kind of oil does a Ryobi generator take?

The manufacturer’s recommendations state to use SAE 15W-40.

How often should I change the oil in my Ryobi generator?

Change the oil after the first 30 hours of operation. Once a year is sufficient if you use your generator seasonally. With continuous use, change it every 100 hours after the first 30-hour oil change.

Things To Consider Before Buying

You’ll want to consider several things before purchasing this product like your needs, your budget, and what features you prefer.

Best Suited For

The Ryobi 1800 is small compared to other generators. It is ideal for powering small appliances and electronics during recreational trips. It is designed to be quiet so you don’t disturb others around you.

You would get the most out of this generator at a campground to keep your laptop or phone charged, run a radio, or power an electric range. It is also ideal for powering electric ranges, fans, camper AC, and microwaves while camping or tailgating. 

Reasons To Buy

The safety features such as the CO sensor and shutoff make this generator a good choice to have around your family campsite. The remote capabilities make it easy to monitor your fuel and running time from your seat by the pool or fire. 

Strengths, Average Specs, and Weaknesses

This generator has a few weaknesses as a product. There are only two USB outlets for charging electronics. Any warranty claim repairs must take place at an authorized service dealer. 


  • Quiet running
  • A reasonable price at about $700
  • Remote capability


  • Relatively low output
  • Few outlets
  • Limited warranty

Standard Features

  • Two rear wheels
  • Recoil start
  • 120-volt outlets

What Everyone is Saying About Ryobi 1800

Pouring over reviews around the internet paints a highly positive picture of the Ryobi 1800 generator. Customers from Home Depot give it 4.5 stars. One reviewer was happy to run his AC in his camper with this generator. 

Owners of this generator love the Bluetooth features. There’s nothing better than the ease of checking your fuel levels right from your phone. The lightweight and portability of the Ryobi 1800 is another favorite aspect for customers. They appreciate easily moving this unit from place to place. 

Related Products

Here are a few alternatives to the Ryobi 1800-watt generator. 

DeWalt Ultra Quiet 2200 

This slightly smaller generator retails for a similar price to the Ryobi 1800. This is a good alternative if you want to power a few small items for longer periods. 

  • Weight: Similar in weight to the Ryobi 1800
  • Noise: Quiet like the Ryobi 1800
  • Autonomy: Same CO safety features but only has two outlets.
  • Fuel Consumption & Efficiency: Fuel consumption at .17 gallons per hour with roughly 11 hours of run time at half-power, slightly longer than Ryobi
  • Price: Comparable at $699

Honda 2200-Watt 

This highly-rated generator is slightly more powerful than the Ryobi 1800 with all the same safety and remote features. 

  • Weight: Lighter than Ryobi at 47 pounds
  • Noise: Quiet like the Ryobi 1800
  • Autonomy: Only two outlets, not CARB compliant
  • Fuel Consumption & Efficiency: Hold less fuel than Ryobi, consumes .24 gallons per hour with a half-load run time of 8.1 hours, similar to Ryobi
  • Price: Nearly twice the price of the Ryobi at $1129

WEN Super Quiet 2350-Watt 

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive alternative to the Ryobi 1800, the WEN 2350-watt is an excellent alternative. 

  • Weight: Weighs less than Ryobi at just 39 pounds.
  • Noise: Super quiet
  • Autonomy:  Two 120-volt outlets, a 12-volt DC receptacle, Two USB ports, as well a CO sensor, and a shutoff
  • Fuel Consumption & Efficiency: Consumes .36 gallons per hour with a half-load run time of over 7 hours, just under Ryobi’s run time
  • Price: Cheaper than Ryobi 1800 at $481

Final Thoughts

The Ryobi 1800-watt generator is a highly-rated product with several excellent features. It is lightweight and quiet which makes it perfect for recreational activities. Ryobi designed this generator to be conveniently portable. It will take up hardly any space in your camper or truck bed.

In addition to the typical features such as recoil start and parallel capability, you get some high-tech components. The Ryobi 1800 is Bluetooth ready so you can remote start your generator, monitor fuel, and power output, and shut it down from your mobile device. 

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