WEN Generator 3500

WEN Generator 3500

WEN is a respected name in the market for power tools, lawn and garden accessories, generators, and more. Combining power with tools is the focus of their business, and providing a durable alternative power source is what the WEN generator 3500 does well. 

We take a look at all the features and benefits of this popular model so you can decide if the WEN 3500 unit is the right solution for your portable power needs. 

Features and Benefits

Here, we break down the numerous attributes that separate the WEN 3500 from other models. 

Power Output, Run Time

The WEN generator offers a starting surge of 3,500-watts and a running power capability of 3,000-watts. This is more than sufficient to provide emergency power to a small or medium home during an outage. This way, running your fridge, sump pump, lights, and television will be a breeze. 

This model includes a four-gallon fuel tank that gives up to 11 hours of run time with a 50% load. However, this timeframe may vary depending on your power requirements. In addition, it offers an automatic voltage regulator for smooth operation. 

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities 

The WEN 3500 includes several outlets to suit various hookup needs

  • Two 120-volt outlets (standard household 5-20R)
  • One 120/240-volt NEMA outlet (L14-30)
  • One 12-volt 100W 8.3A DC car-charger-style-connector 

This model is a reliable home backup solution and is just as suitable for providing power on a camping trip.

Starting, Remote Start 

One notable consideration when choosing a portable generator is the starting feature. The WEN 3500 generator comes with a pull-start recoil option only. While many users are comfortable with this method, it is not preferable for everyone. 

This model does not include a push-start or remote key fob option, limiting its easy-starting capabilities. While this might seem like an omission, many users have found it consistently easy to pull-start the 3500. 

Portability, Dimensions, Weight 

The WEN 3500 is a compact, portable generator model that emphasizes mobility. It has space-saving foldable handles and comes with a smooth-rolling wheel kit so you can take it with you on your next camping trip or bring it out of storage during a power outage. 

It measures 23 inches long by 17 inches wide by 17 inches high and has a relatively small footprint compared to other competitor models. Additionally, since it weighs only 103.3 pounds, this unit is much more manageable to transport than some other portable generators in the market. 

Other Features

If you decide on purchasing a generator for your home, job site, or taking it along for camping, thorough research is essential. If you’re curious about the 3500’s additional features, read on to find out more about the model. 

Paralleling with Other Generators 

The WEN 3500 portable generator is not parallel-ready as it cannot easily double your power when using another WEN 3500 model. However, it can connect to a transfer switch for your home when getting help from a qualified electrician for proper installation. 

Control Panel Features 

An easy-to-use control panel makes operating the WEN 3500 portable generator simple. On the control panel, you will find: 

  • Power light indicators
  • Various power outlets 
  • 120/240-volt voltage selector switch 
  • Engine hour counter for run time and maintenance monitoring
  • Circuit reset button 
  • Grounding nut 

Security, Alarms, Accessories 

This portable generator from WEN offers several security features that you can find standard with other generator products and some that are unique to the 3500. 

  • Low-oil engine shutdown for engine protection 
  • Overload surge protection 
  • Spark arrester making it allowable in national parks 
  • Displays codes for maintenance tasks 

The accessories on the WEN 2500 generator include a small tool kit for installing the wheels and foldable handles. 


Fuel emissions for this WEN model increase at high altitudes. WEN does offer a High Altitude Kit that should be in use when running this unit at levels of 3000 feet above sea level. 

The noise output level of this unit is relatively quiet. It measures at 67 dB during run time and 74 dB fully loaded, making the WEN 3500 generator comparable to the noise level of a vacuum cleaner. 


WEN offers two-year warranty support with their 3500 portable generators. With it, you will be guarded against manufacturer defects. This support includes WEN technicians and a service network that provides for over 1,000 locations across the country for help when you need it. 

About the Manufacturer 

Since 1951, WEN has been a trusted name in power tools and accessories for personal and business use. Evolving through the years, they provide a wide array of products to suit all of your tool and power needs at affordable prices. 

FAQs About the WEN 3500 Generator Model 

If you have any additional concerns regarding the WEN 3500 portable generator, read more in the frequently asked questions below. 

Is the WEN 3500 a good generator? 

WEN produces durable and reliable generator models that are affordable and adaptable to different power needs. 

How much does a WEN 3500 cost? 

Pricing can vary, depending on your location. However, you can expect to pay an average of around $499 for a brand new WEN 3500 portable generator. 

Is a 3500-watt generator powerful enough to run power to a house? 

Many homeowners will want to run major appliances during an electrical outage, such as the fridge, furnace, and some lights. The WEN 3500 unit has enough power to run these essential items without any issues.  

Things to Consider Before Buying

Of course, a portable generator is a major investment. Given that, it’s best to consider some key factors before making a final decision on the WEN 3500.. 

Best Suited For

It can be frustrating to spend money on a product that does not meet your needs. With that in mind, WEN offers information online regarding the typical wattage that appliances require and what the 3500 can handle. 

This way, you can compare your emergency backup power requirements to what this model can deliver. The WEN 3500 portable generator is typically suitable for small to medium homes to give power to a fridge, lights, sump pump, and other minor electrical devices. It is also a terrific option for those camping weekends where you could use electricity. 

Reasons to Buy 

If you enjoy spending time at tailgate parties or out camping with friends and family, having a small, portable generator like the 3500 model can ensure your focus will be on fun and not the stress of handling an ungainly model. 

Homeowners who want an inexpensive back up power solution may find the affordability and power output of the WEN 3500 generator to be its strongest points. 

Strengths, Average Specs, and Weaknesses

Looking at the pros and cons of the WEN 3500 generator may help your final decision on whether to purchase one for your home or recreational use. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Perfect for camping or home backup power


  • Only offers recoil pull-start 
  • Is not parallel-ready
  • Operation noise can be louder depending on higher loads 

Standard Features

  • Low-oil engine shut down feature
  • Overload protection 
  • Offers spark arrestor for use in national parks 

What Customers Are Saying 

After scouring the internet for reviews and user forums on the WEN 3500 portable generator, the results are quite positive. Some common elements that consumers like include its smaller size and portability. 

  • Andrew Merkle, an Amazon customer, talks about how easy the WEN 3500 generator started for him on the first try, even with a gentle pull on the recoil. 
  • A consumer only known as CXP lists a favorable review on how easy it was to set up this WEN model and how inexpensive it cost in terms of its power capabilities. 
  • Daniel Young posted on the WEN website that his 3500 generator unit would successfully power his fridge and electronics for over 12 hours when facing an emergency power outage in his town. 

Related Products

We compare the WEN 3500 to the Generac 7127 iQ3500 3500-watt portable inverter generator for a more comprehensive review. While both of these units have the same power capabilities, they differ in features. 

The Generac model is significantly more expensive, but it could be due to its ultra-quiet operation and electric start that you do not get with the WEN unit. It also includes two running speeds and USB-charging ports that are not available with WEN. 

Although the WEN 3500 generator is slightly larger than the Generac, it is still lighter, as Generac’s 3500 inverter generator weighs 109.1 pounds. 

In Conclusion

The WEN 3500 portable generator is a terrific product for anyone on a budget that requires a smaller emergency backup power source. It provides enough power to maintain your major appliances, like a fridge to keep your food from spoiling. This model is also small enough to take along on your next camping trip and is safe to use in national parks. 

You can click here for more information on the WEN 3500 generator and view pricing in your area.

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