Have you ever had a power outage that took you by surprise? WEN is currently offering the perfect solution to that problem.

The Wen GN400I is a compact and light power outage problem solver. WEN has been producing high-quality and affordable power tools since 1951, and this model is a prime example of why they have been successful for so long.

Read on to discover more features of the GN400I and find out if it is the perfect generator for you!

Features & Benefits

Along with the quality, the WEN name of the GN400I has many great features and benefits to explain its popularity among generator enthusiasts.

Product Highlight


Gas Powered Inverter Generator

  • Starting – 4,000 W, Running – 3,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 66.1 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 1.85 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 7 hrs at 50% load

Power Output, Run Time 

The WEN generator can brag about its 4000-watt power output because it is small compared to how powerful it is.

It has a starting wattage of 4000 and a running wattage of 3500.

Because the GN400I uses 3% harmonic distortion, it can support sensitive electronics like smartphones, tablets, computers, and other touch devices.

It has a 7-hour half-load run-time, meaning that it will last you through a significant portion of your day or night.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities 

The GN400I has three 120 V outlets attached to the control panel and the ability to hook up quickly and parallel connection to another generator, thanks to its dedicated parallel slots.

It can generate clean power and share that clean power with up to two more WEN inverter generators. This ability allows it to power things that would normally be out of reach and increase power distribution spread out over more generators.

Starting, Remote Start 

The GN400I has no remote start, but it does have some convenient starting features. It has an engine switch that helps with the recoil start and a choke that allows the jump-starting process to be as easy as possible.

Portability, Dimensions, Weight 

This amazing inverter generator is 30% lighter than other standard 4,000-watt generators with a lightweight body of 66 pounds.

While this does not put it into the lightweight class of generators, it is still a significant advantage over its competition.

This product has a height of 18.9 inches and a width of 13.8 inches. It also has a length of 19.8 inches. It owes some of its reduced weight to its smaller dimensions, though it can still pack a lot of features into its small, lightweight frame.

Other Features

The GN400I has a few great secondary features that are also worth exploring.

Paralleling with Other Generators 

A prominent feature of this generator is its ability to parallel with up to two other WEN generators to increase the wattage output immensely. With its already 4000-watt impressive production, the capacity to nearly triple, which means it is excellent for more than personal use.

Control Panel Features 

This generator has a pretty robust control panel for its size.

While it lacks in number and types of outlets compared to other standard 4000-watt generators, it has some great features like an eco-mode switch to increase fuel economy and a grounding unit to make it capable of operating in adverse weather conditions.

Security, Alarms, Accessories

It comes standard with several high-quality accessories. These accessories include two three-prong 120 Volt receptacles, two 5-Volt USB ports, and one 120-Volt RV-ready receptacle.

The control panel also includes warning lights for low oil, overload, and output to ensure you are up to date on the generator’s status at all times.


It will emit many sounds like a powerful generator, despite it being a typically quieter inverter generator.

Still, this sound emission level is below the standard average for 4000-watt generators in its class, so this level of sound isn’t that bad comparatively.

It will also emit carbon monoxide, so caution should be paid to its carbon monoxide warning on the control panel.


This product comes with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty.

This warranty is good for replacing parts during the two years for any reasonable wear and tear or part defects that may happen.

The labor cost for fixing the part will be on the buyer; it isn’t a wholly covered full warranty during the warranty period.

About the Manufacturer

Nick Anton founded WEN in 1951 to bring tools and electricity together. They were able to successfully innovate and help develop the chainsaw, electric soldering gun, and electric jigsaw.

This expertise has broadened to include more outdoor tools like generators and air compressors. They have sold over 50 million customer units in their 50+ years of business.

FAQ About the Product 

Take a look at some commonly asked questions related to WEN GN400I:

Will this generator run an A/C Unit?

Answer: It should have no problems with a standard air conditioning unit.

What is the decibel rating on this unit?

Answer: Tests show it ranges from 60-70 decibels during regular running operation.

Will this generator run a sump pump?

Answer: Yes, the 4000-watt generator is more than enough to support a sump pump.

Does this generator take mixed fuel?

Answer: Unfortunately, this generator will accept gasoline only as fuel.

How do I put in the oil?

Answer: There is an oil port at the bottom of the engine inside the removal panel

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before diving into a new generator like the GN400I, there are a few things to consider that might affect your personal decision.

Best Suited For 

This generator is best suited for people who need a job site generator or someone who has a higher wattage requirement for their recreation activities.

While it is a lighter weight generator for its power output bracket, it is still a hefty 60-ish pound and doesn’t include any wheels to make hauling it.

This generator will be ideal on the back of a truck or stationary on a job site to safely provide a lot of power.

Reasons to Buy 

Because of the GN400I’s ability to act as an emergency charger for electronic devices, this would be an excellent generator to buy in emergencies when you need to charge or use your sensitive phones, laptops, or tablets.

It is also great for taking on remote outdoors trips, to let run whenever you need to power something out in the open, like a campsite or fishing spot.

Pros & Cons

Pro: This generator is very lightweight for its power capacity, putting it in the realm of being carried, albeit still with some difficulty.

Pro: It has two ports for paralleling with other generators, which means it can be expanded in power output if the need should ever arise.

Con: Despite being an inverter generator with reduced noise emission, it still could not be called very quiet. You will notice that this generator is running, although it won’t be too overbearing.

Social Proof

Reviews for the GN400I are overwhelmingly positive, with most studies giving it five stars.

User Jr3 the technician, says that it is an excellent product with less noise, less weight, and more petite size than other generators with the same wattage.

User Broncobob complies with how well it seems to run and how easy it starts. He only used it one time, but it ran great, and he and his wife had no trouble handling it.

 Reviewer Ween loves that most of the time, it starts on the first pull and that enhanced fuel-efficient eco mode can get him around 9 hours per gallon on a 150-watt load. 

He admits it is not silent, but it becomes much quieter by being 20 feet away from it, and you cannot hear it anymore.

Related Products

Take a look below at a list of related products:

Ryobi 2,300-Watt Recoil Start Inverter

The Ryobi 2,300-watt model is similar to the GN400I, but it has a quieter operation and an automatic carbon monoxide shut-off feature.

It has a similar fuel economy but a lower wattage. However, this lower wattage means lighter weight and more portable than the GN400I.

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Dewalt 2200-Watt Ultra Quiet Inverter

This Dewalt offering is meant for the professional worker and worksite; this Dewalt offering has an autothrottle engine that protects it from damage.

It is also an inverter and can achieve a much quieter noise emission compared to the GN400I.

Westinghouse iGen2500 Super Quiet Inverter with LED display

This generator comes with several fancy bells and whistles like an LED display and a low tone muffler to lower the noise emission. 

It has less than 3% THD, which makes it one of the safest generators on the market for complicated and sensitive electronics.

It does many things better than the GN400I; however, it has almost half the wattage output while still being substantially more expensive. If you value power, the GN400I is hard to beat.

Final Words

This generator is a surprisingly powerful piece of equipment for minor emergency power outages, recreation, or job site power needs. It can get the job done.

Consider how lucky you will be once the next emergency power outage hits, and you will be able to switch on the generator and experience uninterrupted relaxation on your electronic devices while you ride out the storm.

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