Westinghouse Generator 9500

Westinghouse Generator 9500

Westinghouse is a name you can trust when it comes to generators. The Westinghouse Generator 9500 might be a great fit for you if you’re looking for a durable, affordable yet sturdy portable generator. 

With 12,500 peak watts and a 9,500-watt rating, this generator is perfect as a backup power source for larger homes or as a dependable portable power supply. 

The WGen9500 Generator is the perfect solution for powering your home, business, or cabin during an outage. This generator is ideal for emergencies when you need to power appliances, tools, and equipment.

Product Highlight

Westinghouse WGEN9500

Electric Start Gas Powered Portable

  • Starting – 12,500 W, Running – 9,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 208 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 6.6 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 8 hrs at 50% load

Features and Benefits of the WGen9500

If you have ever dealt with a hurricane as I have, you know the importance of a generator in the aftermath. 

The WGen9500 generator has been perfect for situations where we need to wait for power to return. This standby generator has wheels to make moving around your property easier.  

It is portable and lightweight – weighing just over 200 pounds. My wife took it around our garage and house without any issues. 

Power Output, Run Time

The generator can run for up to 12 hours on a full tank. The fuel tank accommodates 6.6 gallons of gas and includes a fuel gauge.

The WGen9500 is reliable and easy to use so you will feel prepared for any power outage. At 25% load, the generator will run for 17.5 hours. At a 50% load, it has a run time of 12 hours. 

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities

The WGen9500 has press-button circuit breakers and two GFCI Outlets for hookup. Both are 120V 5-20R outlets. The outlets come with rubber safety covers. 

The generator works with the Westinghouse Smart Switch, although it’s not included. The generator has one Transfer Switch Ready of 120 volts, one RV ready, and two 5 volt USB ports. 

The outlets are OSHA compliant. The WGen9500 doesn’t have it for propane when it comes to hook-up capability. 

Starting, Remote Start

One of the most unique features of the Westinghouse Generator 9500 is the remote start capability. The generator comes with a remote start fob. With the fob, you can stop and start the generator from a distance. 

This is an advanced capability useful if you need to start the generator manually during an emergency or if your grid electricity fails. You can use the fob as far away as 260 feet from the generator. 

The WGen9500 comes with a tried and true push-button for an electric start. It also comes with an automatic choke. This is useful if you need to quickly start up the generator after a loss of power. 

If you want the traditional recoil start, you have that option too. These options give you more dependability when it comes to starting your generator. 

Portability, Dimensions, Weight

The WGen9500 is a great option if you need a portable, lightweight generator. It comes with a reinforced roll cage that offers protection against impact. 

You can fit the generator onto your truck bed without any issues. It measures around 28 inches in length. The height and width are around 26.5 inches. Even though it is lightweight, it features a powerful 457cc engine. 

Paralleling with Other Generators

You may be wondering if the WGen9500 can parallel with other generators. The WGen9500 does not have paralleling capability. You’d need to have the paralleling capability if you need to connect two or more generators to create a larger generator. By paralleling multiple generators, you can create a generator with the power output that you need. 

Control Panel Features

The control panel is straightforward to navigate. The WGen9500 features a metal frame around the voltmeter. The analog-style alternates between displaying the voltage and frequency on the screen. 

The generator has DC outlets, USB ports, and a transfer switch receptacle. This would allow you to connect your breaker box to power other appliances in your house. 

Security, Alarms, Accessories

The WGen9500 offers automatic shut-off if the oil runs too low. It also has a built-in circuit breaker to avoid overloading. It does not feature any alarm system, but it does come with some useful accessories. 

Most unusual compared to its competitors is the remote start key fob. The generator also comes with a battery charger, oil funnel, and a tool kit. It also has wheels and feet you can attach for easy transportation. 


The WGen9500 meets both EPA and CARB emission standards. The generator runs on gas only, so if you’re looking for propane, look for the WGen9500DF. The 9500DF is the dual-fuel version.


Westinghouse offers a three-year warranty for residential use. The warranty is for one year for commercial use. 

This warranty is more than many other affordable generator companies provide. The company also operates 600+ service centers in the United States. 

About the Manufacturer

Westinghouse Generator Company manufactures generators, tools, and power washers. George Westinghouse founded the company in the late 1800s. For 130 years, the company has produced quality equipment for the military, NASA, and everyday Americans. 

Westinghouse offers a variety of generators including standby, commercial, and home models. 

FAQ About the WGen9500

Does the generator come ready to run?

You attach wheels yourself with the included hardware. The battery will arrive unplugged, and you need to fill the oil yourself. 

How big is the generator? 

The generator has a width of 26.5 inches when assembled. The measurement includes the wheels you attach to the generator. 

How loud is the WGen9500?

The WGen9500 runs at around 74 dBA. That is an average noise level, although a bit on the quieter end for a generator of this size.

What is the generator made of? 

The WGen9500 has a heavy-duty steel frame. It has a metal fuel tank as opposed to the more common plastic. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

This generator is the perfect portable solution for powering your house, RV, or office site without fuss or wasted time. The WGen9500 powers up in seconds and features a fuss-free control panel. 

It is portable, weighing just over 200 pounds. The heavy-duty wheels and grip handle make it easy for anyone to move the generator across your property. 

Why buy the WGen9500?

The Westinghouse Generator 9500 is perfect for dealing with power outages in your home. When you lose utility power, you can use the versatile outlet options. You can directly connect your household power to your generator using the 30A and 50A transfer switch.

This product is useful to buy if you are looking for an affordable generator that packs a powerful punch. It’s a great fit for families who need an overnight solution after hurricanes or storms knock out power. 

Strengths, Average Specs & Weaknesses

The Westinghouse Generator 9500 has a few pros for potential buyers. The generator comes with accessories such as the remote start fob and battery charger. It is highly portable, and lastly, it features a sturdy 4-Stroke OHV 457cc engine.

For some, the single fuel model will be a con. The versatile Smart Switch is not included. Lastly, it has no built-in alarm system. 

The Westinghouse Generator 9500 offers excellent standard features for a portable generator. With 12,500 peak watts and 9,500 running watts, it can provide you backup power for your home. Powered by a powerful 457cc OHV 4-Stroke Westinghouse engine, it can run for up to 12 hours at normal use. 

Reviews of the WGen9500

I scoured the internet to sort through the many reviews to save you some time. I have to say the user reviews were positive all around! I can relate, given that my wife used the generator after the most recent hurricane. 

Review 1: 


“At 3 am our lights go off and now I’m walking around in the dark while I get dressed. It’s freezing outside as it’s Monday morning and this thing just rolled in… I roll out the generator, top off the tank, and push the button to fire it up… I let it run for a minute just to make sure everything is good, check oil, and make sure it’s idling smoothly. 

I connect the 50amp cord, turn the main incoming breaker off, and turn the generator panel breaker on. I walk over to the generator and turn that main breaker on and the lights come back on. I go back inside and hear BOTH central air heaters turn on and the house is warming up. I turn my pool pump on, plug my phone back in, and go to sleep…

My girls didn’t notice a thing, we were warm, and stayed on this power for about 3.5 days. Not a SINGLE issue. I bought this for Hurricane Season last year but I never expected to use it for a winter storm. I am SO relieved to have this and it’s worth its weight in gold.”

Review 2: 


“I bought the WGen9500 originally in preparation for the 2020 hurricane season along the Texas coast (Houston area). 

Thankfully, I did not have to use it for the 2020 Hurricane season; however, as I write this review, the generator is powering a good portion of our 3500 sqft home after the Texas power grid failed in February 2021 during an unprecedented series of winter storms…The unit is fantastic.

It’s heavy but easy to move, easy to refill, and has been very reliable under what I consider to be a demanding circumstance. Look no further, this is a quality generator.”

Review 3: 


5 stars – Great product

“I purchased this a week ago and have been very pleased with the quality and service of this generator. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could. I highly recommend this product to anyone. -Deitz” 

Review 4 


“Lifesaver! Let me set the stage. I’m an older, single woman living rurally and found myself without power too many days already this winter. I bought this generator because I needed a powerhouse model to support the house since I work from home and am dead in the water without power…

I had this puppy set up in under 10 min… Turned it on and was off and running. No adjustments, no fiddling, no complicated steps…I have the remote start which worked like a dream. The handle and wheels make it easy to move around, not too heavy to manage. 

I’m so excited and relieved, really relieved, to have this generator. My neighbors are envious that I got one big enough to power everything, and I’m glad I did. I don’t have to pick and choose or worry about not having enough power.”

Comparable Generator Options

You may be wondering what alternatives you could opt for instead of the WGen9500. The WGen7500 is a similar option from Westinghouse, as is the WGen9500DF. The DUROMAX XP13000E is a comparable generator from another brand. 

The lightest is the WGen7500, weighing 201 pounds. The WGen9500 comes in next at 208 pounds. But the WGen9500DF is slightly heavier at 212 pounds, and the DUROMAX is the heaviest option at 232 pounds. 

All of the higher wattage generators deliver the same noise level, 74 dBA, which is a little quieter than a Kitchen blender. The lower wattage WGen7500 generator is only slightly quieter at 72 decibels. 

The WGen9500 charges the battery as it runs but includes a battery charger. The run time will last up to 17.5 hours at 25% load and 12 hours at 50% load. 

The WGen9500DF can run for about 17.5 hours on gas and 11 hours on propane at 25%. The WGen7500 runs for around 16 hours. The DUROMAX generator has autonomy on the lower end of the spectrum, lasting for 8.5 hours at 50% load.

All of the generators can use gasoline. The WGen9500DF is a dual fuel option that can also use propane. The Westinghouse models are very fuel-efficient, with the WGen9500 and WGen9500DF leading the pack at 0.38 gallons per hour at 25% load. The Duromax lags, with 0.98 gallons per hour at 50% load. 

The WGen9500 is affordable, at around $750-1000 for a new generator. The WGen9500DF is slightly higher, at an $800-1,200 price tag. The lower wattage WGen7500 usually runs around $700-1000 dollars and the Duromax will cost you $1,400. 

Choose the Right Generator for Your Needs

If you are in the market for a quality and affordable portable generator, the WGen9500 is an excellent option to consider. This generator is easy to use, comes with a remote fob, and has wheels that make it easy to transport. 

It’s the perfect solution for powering your home or office during an emergency. Click here to check out the Westinghouse Generator 9500 today!

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