Westinghouse WGen7500

Westinghouse WGen7500

The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is an affordable option that can provide alternative power to a small or medium home in an emergency. This model is transfer switch ready and does not require additional accessories, such as extension cords or power strips, to plug directly into your home. 

This review will look at the features and advantages of the WGen7500, so you can decide if this portable generator is the right choice for you.

Features and Benefits

The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is a reliable backup home power source in an emergency. It includes several features that are specific to this unit.   

Product Highlight

Westinghouse WGEN7500

Electric Start Gas Powered Portable

  • Starting – 9,500 W, Running – 7,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 196 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 6.6 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 11 hrs at 50% load

Power Output, Run Time

The power output of the Westinghouse WGen7500 from its four-stroke, OHV 420 cc engine measures at a peak starting of 9,500 watts and continuous running watts of 7,500 watts. This amount is enough to power half a family home in an emergency. 

It also comes with a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that provides up to 11 full hours of operation at 50% load. This timeframe makes this unit longer-lasting than other competitor models.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities

The WGen7500 provides several outlets to suit various power needs. You will find these on the control panel: 

  • One 120/240-volt AC, 30 Amp NEMA 14-30R Twist-Lock receptacle
  • Two 120-volt AC, 20 Amp Duplex GFCI NEMA 5-20R outlets
  • One ​​Smart Switch outlet to connect to a Westinghouse ST Switch 
  • One battery charging port 

These contain rubber covers to protect them from the elements for safe operation when using them outdoors. 

This portable generator can be hooked to a transfer switch, panel, or outdoor power inlet box. 

Starting, Remote Start

It has a simple one-button push electric start that makes short work of firing it up. However, the WGen7500 unit does include a backup recoil start if you are in a tight spot. 

Westinghouse provides versatility with a remote key start fob for simple starting without being right at the generator. This option is ideal if you need power in the dark. 

Portability, Dimensions, Weight 

The WGen7500 falls under the portable classification for several reasons. Namely, it comes with a heavy-duty transport handle and durable wheels. 

This generator measures 27.2 inches long by 26.1 wide by 26 inches high, making it an excellent compact emergency generator for many homes. However, it weighs 191.6 pounds, so moving it may be more challenging without assistance. 

Other Features

Looking for other factors to help your decision? Additional features include expanding capabilities, emissions, and warranty. 

Paralleling with Other Generators 

Unfortunately, the WGen 7500 portable generator is not parallel-ready, so you cannot easily double the power output by connecting it to another identical model. Still, it can be paired with suitable transfer switches or panels and power inlet boxes.

Control Panel Features 

The control panel elements help make the operation simpler for anyone, including beginner users. Here, you can find various outlets, including: 

  • One-touch push-button start
  • Engine shutoff switch 
  • Battery charging port 
  • Digital VFT meter (voltage, frequency, run time) 
  • Main circuit breakers
  • Two 20A circuit breakers 
  • Two 120-volt AC 20A 5-20R GFCI outlets with covers 
  • One 120/240-volt AC 30A L14-30R outlet with cover 
  • One Westinghouse Smart ST Switch outlet 
  • Battery charging port 

An easy-to-use control panel will help make it more understandable when running a generator, especially in an emergency. 

Security, Alarms, Accessories

Having a safe alternative power source to use is vital. The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator has a low-oil shutdown feature to minimize engine damage when oil levels are too low for proper operation. 

This unit can be hooked to any transfer switch, ready to help power your home at any moment. In addition, the WGen7500 includes overload protection so you will not damage the generator accidentally during use. 

The built-in transport foam-grip handles and never-flat wheels make it easy to move it out of storage when you need it. 


The WGen7500 is CARB compliant (California Air Resources Board), allowing it to be bought and used in areas where other competitor models may not. 

However, this robust portable generator is somewhat louder than other options in the market, putting out 72 dB of noise. This volume is comparable to a vacuum cleaner or a television. 


The Westinghouse warranty on their WGen7500 portable generator will vary, depending on its use. For example, residential homeowners will receive a three-year limited warranty with their purchase, while the same product for commercial use will have a one-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. 

About the Manufacturer 

Westinghouse has been continuous for innovation, including generators, power stations, pressure washers, and lawn and garden products for over 130 years. 

One significant contribution from them is the creation of the Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It!” poster from World War II. 

FAQs About the WGen7500

If you have any other thoughts about the Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator, explore some of the more frequently asked questions below. 

Will the WGen7500 successfully run central air conditioning or a furnace? 

Yes, the Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is powerful enough to support your central air conditioner or home furnace during a power outage. Bear in mind that the generator could become overloaded if you run all of your major appliances simultaneously. 

Where do they manufacture the Westinghouse generators?

Westinghouse designs all of its products within the United States. However, production occurs in China or Vietnam. 

Does Westinghouse use copper windings for their generators? 

Yes, the addition of all-copper windings in Westinghouse generators provides a more powerful output. 

Things to Consider Before Buying 

Before making any purchase, it can be beneficial to consider several factors. Exploring what problems the product solves and where it is best suited will help you decide on the ideal portable generator for your home in an emergency. 

Best Suited For 

The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is ideal for providing emergency power for a small to medium-sized home. It is easy to store in a garage or shop and provides enough power for long periods. 

Unfortunately, this generator model is not RV ready and is relatively heavy, making it not the best solution for a camping weekend away. 

Reasons to Buy 

Homeowners who live in areas susceptible to extreme weather conditions can benefit from having a reliable portable generator on hand. For example, keeping a fridge running or ensuring your HVAC system works during a winter storm. 

These elements can ensure your family remains comfortable and safe until your power service returns. 

Strengths, Average Specs & Weaknesses 

Naturally, not every home will suit the Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator. With that in mind, here are the pros and cons to help you determine if it is the right product for your needs. 


  • Transfer switch ready without the need for power strips or extension cords
  • Includes a remote key fob start, one-touch push start, and recoil start backup option for reliability and versatility 
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized homes 


  • Not suitable for RVs or as a camping generator 
  • Is not parallel-ready 
  • Does have some significant vibration during use

Standard Features 

  • Low-oil shut down feature for engine protection 
  • Overload protection 
  • Rubber covers for all outlets for safe operation outdoors

What Customers Are Saying 

After scouring the internet through online forums and product reviews, the Westinghouse WGen7500 has user feedback that is relatively positive. 

  • Sheldon, an Amazon customer, loves his purchase of the WGen7500, stating that anyone with a medium-sized business or home should purchase one for a backup power source. 
  • Stellar Productions wrote that this model is a luxury generator at an affordable price on the Westinghouse website. It starts up every time, whether by the one-push button start or remote key fob start.
  • Another Amazon customer, Richard Green, is very happy with his Westinghouse generator purchase and how it performs. Although it can be heavy, he feels it is a good value for the price. 

Related Products

For comparison’s sake, we found a similar portable generator alternative to the Westinghouse WGen7500. The Champion Power Equipment 100813 9375/7500-watt portable generator with an electric start is a terrific option as it offers similar features. 

The Champion 7500-watt generator offers similar power output with an electric start. But, it does not include a remote start like the Westinghouse model does. The noise level of this model is comparable to the WGen7500, making it tolerable in residential areas. 

It weighs slightly more at 199.1 pounds than the generator from Westinghouse at 191.6 pounds. However, one attractive feature of this alternative is the built-in cold-weather technology that makes it ready for any weather conditions, even in below-freezing temperatures. 

In Conclusion

The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is an affordable option for many homeowners looking for a portable power source as an emergency backup. Whether it works best for you will depend on your specific requirements. This model will do the trick if you’re looking for a reliable generator to keep your food from spoiling or run your air conditioner to stay cool. 

You can click here for more information on the WGen7500 and view affordable pricing in your area.

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