Who Makes Generac Generators?

Generac Holdings, Inc. is the manufacturer of Generac generators. Generac Holdings is the parent company of Generac Power Systems, Inc. and Generac Power Systems International, Inc. Generac Holdings is a publicly-traded company (NYSE: GNRC). The company manufactures both residential and commercial generators.

Company History and Profile

Trusted data shows that Generac makes the most popular and used generators in the US. 40% of people who answered a Statista survey said that Generac is the best brand.

Generac has a lot of facilities in Wisconsin. It has manufacturing plants in Berlin and Oshkosh and headquarters in Waukesha.

The company was reportedly the first in the power industry to engineer affordable “home standby” generator systems and has since led the genre’s evolution with many innovative models over the years.

Robert Kern founded Generac in 1959, and it began manufacturing generators for Sears & Roebuck. Soon after, Generac began offering backup power generation services under the Generac name and soon evolved its offerings.

From what we can tell by looking at the website’s “About Us” area, Generac Company has come a long way since Robert Kern first opened their doors.

CCMP Capital of New York bought Generac in late 2006. The company took $583.5 million off its purchase price in 2009 because it wrote its trade name off. President & CEO Aaron Jagdfeld joined Generac in September 2008 and is currently still at the company’s helm.

The company sells portable and residential generators through various distribution channels, including dealers, distributors, independent retailers, such as home centers, hardware stores, and direct-to-consumer.

Here Are Some Facts About the Company:

  • It has 6797 total employees
  • In 2020 the company reported a revenue of $2.5 billion
  • Generac services over 730,000 customers
  • The company scores a 74 in Net Promoter Score customer satisfaction

Generac Holdings Makes Both Portable and Standby Generators 

Owning a generator is disputably one of the best ways to prepare for unexpected power outages. Generac Holdings makes two different types of generators, portable and standby. The portable type is the smaller and lighter of the two.

While there isn’t a single solution for everyone, you must identify your needs to help you make a wise choice.

Standby Generac Generators 

  • Costlier than portable generators but more long-lasting
  • Require professional installation and need a licensed technician to make repairs
  • Need less maintenance, but yearly servicing is helpful
  • Standby generators can power an entire building without inconveniences

Generac portable generators are smaller and can be moved from place to place. The size you need depends on how much electricity you want to make.

Portable Generac Generators 

  • Compact and moveable
  • Mainly run on gas; need frequent refilling to keep operating.
  • Many models do not start automatically; they need consistent manual intervention
  • Produce less power, and there is the danger of Co2 when located too close to a building

Generac Portable Generator Series

Generac mobile generator units provide approximately 3-10 KW of power. Aside from helping in emergency preparedness, these generators are essential for construction sites, concerts, and other outdoor activities. If you need more power, get a bigger generator!

Generac GP Series

Generac GP Series is a line of portable power generators that lean towards affordability and extra power. The GP3250E, for example, has an electric start, which is a feature that can save you time and gas. It also has an automatic voltage regulator so that you can use it to power up a wide range of appliances.

Some popular features of the Generac GP series include the Generac OHV Engine with splash lubrication for durability. In all the models, the outlet area is covered to protect the engine from the elements, so it’ll last a bit longer without getting damaged.

A low oil shutdown feature ensures that the engine won’t overheat and burst into flames, which is pretty important. It’s also great at conserving fuel and reducing emissions so that you won’t be causing any harm to the environment.

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Generac iQ Series

Generac portable generators can be handy for when the power goes out. However, they can pose a problem if you’re trying to stay quiet, especially camping or simply trying to sleep.

Thankfully, the company produces inverter generators in their IQ series. These generators are quieter than standard generators and are also more powerful.

An example is the iQ3500, which comes with a 2.6-gallon fuel tank and a three-year warranty. The model comes with an electric start for easy operation and the capability of minimizing noise or reducing fuel consumption.

Generac RS Series

The highlight of the RS series Generac generators is a dial that lets you turn it on and off. It also allows users to choose what kind of power they want to use.

The cradles feature a special steel tube for strength and reliability to protect the generator under the roughest of conditions. The engine is made specially to last for a very long time. The outlets have covers on them so they can’t get dirty. A handle is on the side of the generator for easier portability.

A Generac RS Series generator is the 6674, with a maximum AC output of 6,875 watts. It has one 240-volt 20-amp twist-lock outlet and two 120-volt 15-amp duplex outlets.

Generac XG Series

An example is the XG4000 with a high-powered 4,000-watt engine. It can run for up to 13 hours at a 50% load. It has a fuel tank that is 4.5 gallons.

You can store more fuel in this large steel fuel tank to run your generator for longer. The wheels are heavy duty so you can take your generator anywhere.

Other portable Generac generators in the market include the:

  • XP Series
  •  XD Series
  •  XT Series
  • XC Series

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Generac Standby Generator Series

A standby generator automatically takes over to keep processes going when challenges arise from the primary power source.

Based on information from the company website, Generac has sold more than 14 million backup generators since they began in 1959. They design their standby generators for efficiency and durability.

Their permanent-install home generators use gas or liquid propane, and, much like a central a/c unit, they sit outside by the side of your house.

Whether you wish to install a backup power supply for your entire home or just some essential items, these machines deliver power straight to your electrical systems.

The Generac Guardian Series

The Guardian Series home backup generators come in different sizes and have customizable options, including circuit configurations and automatic shutdown capabilities. The manufacturer now offers free Mobile Link monitoring, which allows you to monitor the status of your generator from any computer, tablet, or phone.

The Generac generator models in this series come with a durable OHVI engine designed specifically for standby generators. They can power up many essential appliances, including a refrigerator, sump pump and sump pump controller, a furnace blower, and a window air conditioning unit, with plenty of reserve power for the TV, lights, and a few fans.

Using Generac’s patented Quietest-Test technology, their Guardian Series of generators features ultra-low RPMs. This makes them quieter and more fuel-efficient than competing generators.

The Powerpact Series

Generac’s PowerPact models have the same automatic features as the other Generac standby generators and are quite affordable. They can protect essential appliances like refrigerators, well pumps, and other important home appliances.

A lightweight, compact design allows easy installation of the Generac PowerPact generators. As with all Generac generators, these models require little maintenance; they have auto-pilot features and don’t need refueling. No refueling means no odors and no repetitive trips to the gas station.

Many people prefer natural gas backup generators because it is cheaper than propane. Fortunately, PowerPact backup generators can run on either liquid propane (LP) or natural gas.

Generac PowerPact’s TRUE POWER TECHNOLOGY ensures the cleanest operation possible for sensitive electronics and appliances with less than 5% total harmonic distortion.

The Protector Series

The Generac Protector series is ideal for people who need a lot of power. The Protector series has many different options and accessories to add to your generators to better work.

An example is the Evolution Controller, which is more advanced than the old controllers. The Evolution Controller has a multilingual display that shows two lines of text. It also has color-coded buttons that light up.

The Generac Protector Series offers you a variety of options when powering your applications. The tank has a vent and fill so you can use it outdoors. Ranging from 22KW to 150 KW, the manufacturer has designed these models to function in many environments.

The Ecogen Series

The Generac EcoGen is a standby generator designed for use with alternative energy systems. It is guaranteed to never run out of batteries.

The models in this series feature an Extended Run Capability (ERC) oil circulation system. You get 500 hours of maintenance-free operation, more than double what’s possible with conventional systems.

The ERC system comprises a patented pump, motor, and variable displacement vane pump, which allow continuous operation while extending lubrication intervals.

The machines run on the G-Force Engine, a pressure-lubricated, purpose-built engine that can handle the rigors of generator operation with minimal maintenance.

The G-Force engine from Generac is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including emergency and standby power for home and commercial applications.

Generac Generator Recalls

In 2021, the company recalled 321,000 generators. They were said to be dangerous because they had unlocked handles. The handles could pinch your fingers or even sever them when moving the generators.

The recall included more than thirty models of gasoline-powered generators of between 6500 and 8,000 watts. The vast majority were either selling as a Generac or came generically branded as XT, GP, or PRO models.

Based on a report released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, before the recalls, Generac had received eight reports of injuries from using the generator, including seven amputations and one finger crush.

In Summary

Generac Holdings is the company that makes Generac generators. The generators are meant for use in various locations, including homes and hospitals. Generac Holdings products include transfer switches and power inverters as well. Have anything to say about Generac generators? Please share your views in the comment section.

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