DuroMax XP5500EH

DuroMax XP5500EH

Perhaps you’ve heard of this upstart company ‘DuroMax’ from California, or perhaps you’re wondering who this little guy is among powerhouse brands. Can it deliver in a competitive generator market against brands like Honda, Westinghouse, Briggs & Stratton, and others?

The DuroMax XP5500EH is making a name for itself. It’s affordable and reliable, which already piques your interest because affordability often implies cheap. But the XP5500EH is answering that debate with a resounding “yes I can deliver” philosophy and grabs consumer attention with its dual fuel concept to power through anything.

DuroMax has been muzzling its way among the big boys for two decades. There’s a valid reason why people are putting their trust in the XP5500EH.

Product Highlight

DuroMax XP5500EH

Electric Start Dual Fuel Portable

  • Starting – 5,500 W, Running – 4,500 W.
  • Dry Weight – 124 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 4 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 9 hrs at 50% load on Gasoline and 8 hrs at 50$ load on 20 lbs Propane tank.

Features & Benefits

Natural disasters destroy land and homes and wreak havoc on infrastructure and the power grid. For those surviving in those conditions, reliable generators that sustain them for the duration are essential.

There are several features we appreciate about the XP5500EH.

For some, the debate ended at the dual fuel option, which may not seem important when it sits idle in the warehouse, but it’s a game-changer in emergencies.

Key selling points:

Power, in a Nutshell

This unit starts with an effortless electric push button. It is perfect to power your bench and power tools, a range of large and small appliances and electronics, sump pumps, and well pumps. 

The dual-fuel option combines to provide 15 hours of run time.

The XP5500HP includes two 120V 20A GFCI outlets, one 120/240V 30A twist outlet to hook up the unit with your loads, and two USB plug-ins right on the face of the dashboard and parallel capability.

Review your consumption requirements on this handy chart.

What you’ll get for a fraction of the price:

  • Reliable push-button electric start 
  • Recoil back up
  • Handy dashboard monitoring
  • Quality components (copper windings & metal frame)
  • Included extras (battery, oil funnel, wheel kit, wrench, propane regulator)

Consider adding this generator with a transfer switch to your electric panel for future emergencies.

Starting, Remote Start

The DuroMax XP5500EH has a push-to-start button, allowing you to start it up with ease. It runs with 5,000 starting watts and 4,000 running watts once on. 

The start button is electric and also includes a recoil as a backup. In case you need to charge the generator, the kit comes with a charger and tools required for upkeep. This generator is not a remote start generator, but you can add a remote start feature if you want to turn it on from another location. 

Since it is powered on using a button, it doesn’t take much to start the generator. You won’t have to use intense physical labor to get this generator running as you might with older models. 

Portability & Dimensions

Whether you’re young or older, no one wants to manhandle a cumbersome generator in less than ideal situations.

The XP5550HP comes with larger wheels and a folding handle kit that helps displace the lightweight for easy maneuvering. 

This generation can tackle any situation powered by a reliable 210cc OHV-V DuroMax engine (4stroke-225cc) and the MX2 dual power conversion efficiency transferable to most locations.

Dimensions: 23.2” X 17” X 17” 

Assembled weight: 128lbs

Partnering With Other Generators

One of the most outstanding achievements behind the DuroMax XP5500HP generator is providing consumers with a top-notch product that can partner with other generators with a parallel running option or install a transfer switch directly to the breaker panel.

Combining more than one generator during times of environmental stress will provide you with more options to power more necessary appliances and tools.

Control Panel Features

A sleek, innovative, and easy-to-read control center makes the XP5500HP an attractive purchase. 

  • Multiple outlet options
  • Digital command center
  • MX2 double the power conversion
  • CO alert
  • Circuit breaker, idle control, oil sensor
  • Low oil alert shut-off
  • Voltage surge protector

Trust & Performance Security

Reviewing the XP5500HP generator made me think a lot about customer service, evident in the detailed owner’s manual. 

The practical CO Alert features provide peace of mind; however, educate yourself about proper generator storage during run time with this quick tutorial to keep your family safe from harmful fumes.

Alarms alert consumers to low oil, surge protection, idle control, and it includes a heavy-duty socket (30 amp).


Designed in California, DuroMax generators are proudly made in the USA. Engineered to meet environmental regulations and standards, the XP5500HP is CARB compliant and EPA approved in 50 States. This model includes a flame arrestor and reduced exhaust.

They’re compliant with all regulations; see P65 guidelines here.

While gas is considered a cleaner fuel, having the liquid propane option makes this unit an excellent addition for job sites or emergency planning.


DuroMax stands behind their brand with a 3-year residential warranty and a 1-year commercial use. Read their warranty disclaimer here.

The American-made products use quality components and can navigate users through challenging times.

DuroMax Performance

If the DuroMax brand had a slogan, it should perhaps say, ‘seriously surprising.’ In business since 2003, DuroMax appeals to clients in many brackets.

  • Made in America
  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Reliable

Those components make it a true competitor. ‘Made in America’ is truly remarkable.


Do you still have questions about the DuroMax generator? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get. 

What is the output power of using propane?

At 2.5kW, a 50% load will generate 8 hours of runtime on a 20-liter tank.

At full speed, 5.5kW expect 4-5 hours of runtime. Check out this video.

What’s the difference between a DX model and an HP model?

The DX has more features like auto sensor shut-off, additional GFCI outlets, and an extended 5- year warranty.

How hard is it to switch between gas and propane?

Follow the simple to use steps on pages 30-32 of the manual

Before You Buy

Buying a generator is a big consideration for all of us, and as we discussed already, brand, performance, and reliability carry a punch. For one product to surpass those specs is saying something.

It may sound strange to say this, but the DuroMax manual persuaded me to buy as much as the other features and competitive brands. It’s full of practical information and easy to use.

The DuroMax XP5500EH meets the demands for camping, tailgating, remote job sites, and emergency event situations.


  • Quality performance and components
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Dual fuel


  • Limited appliance power capacity
  • No Bluetooth features
  • Personal customer service

The People Have Spoken

It Seems that consumers can’t say enough about this inexpensive and efficient generator.

Does it have enough juice to power my house?

These consumers answer the difficult questions so unique to each homeowner. During power outages, we can’t have it all. These answers iterate that the XP5500EH can power the essentials like fridges, freezers, lights, and extras for extended periods.

Shipping and unpacking

A great tip from this consumer is to allow the generator to rest after delivery. They’d probably mention that handling with care isn’t an option if generators could talk. Oil and other engine fluids need time to allow gravity to do their thing.

Does it work in times of duress?

This client did his homework and connected the generator with a manual interlock to the breaker. He was very satisfied and had no issues with performance and power delivery.

The caveat here is that no product is perfect. Customer service can navigate the company and consumers through turbulent waters.

Quick Guide Comp: Related Products

This is an undisputed neck and neck race. DuroMax shines in component quality and power, while Wen has the customer service and Westinghouse the technology remote start. The Campion model offers a superior warranty.

Brand & listed priceDuroMax XP5500EH $549Champion 201052 $1950Wen DF475T $539Westinghouse WGen3600DF $579
Weight128 lbs dry119 lbs106 lbs dry109 lbs dry
Noise level69dB68 dB75 dB68 dB
Starting & running Watts5500-watt start/ 4500 watts running 4750-watt start/ 3800 running3800 watt running/ 4750 starting4650-watt start / 3600 running
AutonomyElectric start battery includedElectric start battery includedElectric start battery includedElectric start battery included
Power outlet capacity2- 120V GFCI household outlets, one 120/240V 30AMP twist-lock outlet1-120V 30A RV (TT-30R), a 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R) and two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R) 2 -120V GFCI outlets (5-20R), a 120V/240V NEMA 30A twist lock (L14-30R), a 12V DC 5-20R 120V Duplex Outlet, an RV-Ready TT-30R 30 Amp Outlet, and an L5-30R 30 Amp Outlet
Fuel consumption8.92hrs gas 4-gallon tank7.63 hrs 20lb tank 50% load14hrs at the 4.7-gallon tank, 10.5 hrs 20lb tank 50%11hrs at 4-gallon tank, 7 hrs 20 lb tank 50% load 14 hrs 4-gallon tank, 10.5 hrs 20 lb tank 50% load


You can purchase a top-quality generator for under a thousand dollars that will get you through iffy situations and fun times. The DuroMax XP5500EH has the power and the features to make powering your appliances accessible.

This hybrid engine is an ideal option if dual fuel, affordability, performance power, and reliability are essential features to your quality of life and safety.

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