Honda EU3000iS Review

Honda EU3000iS Review

The Honda Power Equipment EU3000iS Inverter Generator is a portable power solution that runs on gasoline. It promises reliable, clean power that’s appropriate for everything on a camp or job site, all in a fairly small, lightweight, and efficient generator. 

It builds on the success and popularity of the EU3000i generator and adds a few new features and a slightly larger engine. Like all things Honda, the EU3000iS enjoys a reputation for reliability. 

The EU3000iS has some serious power-generating capability. Along with some innovative features, you can also take advantage of this generator’s beneficial design without some of the worries other generators might bring. 

EU3000iS Inverter Generator Features & Benefits

Let’s zero in on some of the specifics.

Product Highlight


Gas Powered Inverter Generator

  • Starting – 3,000 W, Running – 2,800 W.
  • Dry Weight – 130.7 Pounds.
  • Tank Volume – 3.4 Gallons.
  • Runtime – 10 hrs at 50% load

Power Output, Run Time 

The EU3000iS is pretty efficient. On one full tank of fuel, you can run for about 20 hours, depending on the exact load you demand. Featuring Honda’s Eco-Throttle System, the generator is responsive to changing demand, so it’s not wasting its 3.4 gallons of fuel by operating at peak capacity when you don’t need it. 

So, you have the versatility to power your major appliances and smaller items, all at the same time. And the Eco-Throttle will automatically back the speed of the generator to match your current load.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities 

This generator has all the power you need to run a campsite. The GX200 engine puts out 3000 watts of 120v power and a total of 25 amps at its maximum delivery capacity. It does not have a DC output like some other generators (including its predecessor, the eu3000i). 

However, you won’t miss it much because you can easily get the power you need from the 20-amp, 125-volt duplex plugs and the 30-amp 120-volt locking plug. 

You can anticipate running equipment like a refrigerator, freezer, RV air conditioner (up to 13,500 BTU), lighting, fans, a microwave, entertainment center, hairdryer, coffee maker, computers, and anything else you can think of. You can even run a furnace fan. 

Starting, Remote Start

If you’ve ever struggled to start a gas-powered appliance with a recoil starter, you’ll appreciate that the EU3000iS inverter generator features an electric starter. That’s the sort of feature that makes startup something anyone can do, something every camper can appreciate. 

I know I would have liked to have it the last time my son couldn’t get our generator started with the pull-starter. 

I could have stayed in bed that morning if my old Honda generator had the convenience of a button to press for starting up. Plus, if the electric starter ever fails, you can still start the generator with its backup, traditional recoil setup. This generator doesn’t have a remote starter. 

Portability, Dimensions, Weight

This generator is portable but it’s not exactly lightweight. At about 130 pounds, you’re not putting this thing on your shoulder and carrying it very far. And once you add fuel, it gets much heavier and more unwieldy. The plastic wheels and pop-up handle make it fairly easy to position, but it’s still sometimes a two-person job to move it around. 

Its outer dimensions are 25.9” x 17.6” x 22.0”, so it’s much smaller than some of the old workhorses you see people dragging out of their RV or work truck. 

Other Features

  • Paralleling with Other Generators – This generator doesn’t have the raw power of a standby generator. So, if you have more demand than it can meet, you’ll appreciate that this generator can easily hook up to another via a special cable from Honda, delivering double the power. 
  • Control Panel Features – The control panel is simple, laid out with clear labels. There is a starting switch, choke, fuel valve, and a switch to enable or disable the Eco-Throttle feature
  • Security, Alarms, Accessories – The EU3000iS has a CO-Minder to automatically disrupt running if the generator detects carbon dioxide. This is the sort of feature that brings peace of mind to families running a generator overnight. 
  • Emissions – The Eco-Throttle system on this generator can cut emissions significantly by reducing the speed of the engine to match the demand at any given time. 
  • Warranty  –  Whether using this generator for residential or commercial activities, once you’ve properly registered this generator, enjoy up to three years of warranty protection.
  • About the ManufacturerHonda generators enjoy a reputation for easy startup and reliable operation. The EU3000iS is no exception, and it’s also quiet. 

FAQ about the EU3000iS

Is the EU3000iS Expensive? 

It isn’t expensive for a generator that has all the features and capabilities of the EU3000iS. There are cheaper models, but none have the same power, efficiency, and smoothness. If you’re looking for a smaller version of the EU3000is, check out the EU2200i Companion.  

Does Honda Sell Stronger Generators? 

If the EU3000iS isn’t enough power for you, you can step up to the EU7000iS. It costs about twice as much, but it has more than double the power. It also has a 240-volt receptacle, making it ideal for use as a whole-house backup generator. 

EU3000iS: Things to Consider Before Buying

If you’re a camping enthusiast, the EU3000iS is ideal for bringing along for your outdoor adventures. Its quiet operation, efficiency, and portability make it a natural fit for bringing along, whether you’re staying in an RV, or near a parked pickup. To be clear, this isn’t a lightweight generator to carry on your back. 

But, if you’re looking for smooth, efficient power suited for a typical campsite or work area appliances and tools, this thing has you covered. Plus, with automatic shutoff when an unhealthy amount of CO is present, you have the peace of mind to run this unit overnight if needed. 


  • Extremely quiet, less than 57 decibels at all times
  • Inverter for stable conditioned power
  • High fuel efficiency 


  • Too heavy for carrying 
  • Only 25 amps
  • One duplex receptacle, no 240-volt or DC hookup

Standard Features 

  • CO-minder technology
  • Eco-Throttle 
  • Electric start

EU3000iS: Social Proof

A deep dive on the internet found some user reviews that are rather positive about the EU3000iS. Here are some of the comments owners made about their generator:

Rob from California – Fantastic generator- very quiet too. I purchased this as backup power for my RV. This is a fantastic generator and is extremely quiet. It powers everything I have, including the air conditioner without any problems. Build quality is excellent as all Honda products are. This generator will not disappoint. I recommend this product.

Lawrence W – I love this generator. And so will fellow campers considering how quiet it is even under an above-average load. Powers my travel trailer with ease. And that means all running at once, A/C, microwave, and everything else turned on. This item is one that you get what you pay for. I’ve had a few generators and always wanted this one. All you need to do with a Honda generator is change the oil and other preventative maintenance, and it will last forever. 

Caliwood from Texas – We run a detailing business and use this generator sometimes 5-7 days a week. We like to have an early start in the day and sometimes service customers in very compact neighborhoods. This machine is very quiet and provides enough power for a two-man crew detailing cars, boats, and airplanes

EU3000iS: Related Products

Let’s look at some competitors and how they stack up against the EU3000iS. 

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500

The Westinghouse iGen4500 weighs about 130 pounds, almost the same as the Honda EU3000iS. It also has the same capacity gas tank and a similar run time. It doesn’t have the same throttling technology, but you can switch it into ‘economy’ mode during periods of reduced power needs. It’s also pretty quiet and features a fob that allows you to start it remotely. 

It’s much less expensive than the EU3000iS, but it is also hampered by a lack of consistent manufacturing quality. 

NECESPOW Portable Power Station

The NECESPOW doesn’t have anywhere near the power of the EU3000iS. But, it is less than 10% of the price, and it is exceedingly portable at only about six pounds. So, if you’re a camper who is going to a remote area on foot, or you just want something to power your electronics, this rechargeable power supply might get the job done. It’s also nearly silent and doesn’t have an engine. You can charge it from the 12V adapter in your vehicle, a regular outlet, or from solar power as well. 

Honda EU2200i Companion

The EU2200i Companion is one step down in the model lineup of generators from Honda. It’s about half the price of the EU3000iS, but it still has about 2200 watts of power and a CO-Minder. It only weighs 47 pounds, so it’s much more portable, but it lacks an electric starter. It does have the Eco-Throttle System, so it will adapt to demand automatically, lowering the engine speed and preserving the .95 gallons of fuel in its tank for up to 3.2 hours. 

EU3000iS: Conclusion

The EU3000iS is the goldilocks generator for RV campers. If you need a generator that’s big enough to rely on as your only power source while at the campsite, but you don’t want to bring along some behemoth that weighs half a ton, this Honda generator is what you need.

It’s relatively affordable, packed with technology with a mind toward safety and efficiency, and it’s as quiet as can be, barely rising over the level of two people talking even under peak load. So, if you need a generator for your camping trips or job sites, check out the EU3000is by clicking here!

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