Ryobi 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Ryobi 4000 Watt Inverter Generator

Ryobi is quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in Inverter generators, and with the introduction of the Ryobi 4000, it is easy to see why. 

This powerful generator is a lifesaver when the power goes out when the outdoors calls, or while on the job. This generator stands out from the pack based on its affordable cost and fuel efficiency.

Read on to find out all the great benefits the Ryobi 4000 inverter generator has to offer.

Features & Benefits

This muscular powerhouse of a generator has a great feature list that makes it an excellent pick for anyone looking at a solid choice that can tackle a range of personal needs.

Power Output, Run Time 

As its name suggests, the Ryobi 4000 boasts an impressive starting 4,000-watt power output that is more than enough to handle multi-devices and hookups.

The Ryobi 4000 has a 3,400 running watt average during operation, letting it outpower many competitors in its price range.

With a 50% load, the Ryobi 4000 can boast a 12-hour run time with maximum fuel efficiency, which puts it at the upper end of runtimes for gas generators. It is also capable of outputting 120/240 Volts.

This figure is thanks to its remarkably high fuel efficiency and its optimized engine that allow it to pull extra running time out of its gas tank compared to other generators.

Outlets, Hook Up Provisions, and Possibilities 

This generator has an excellent automatic voltage regulation feature that allows sensitive electronics like cell phones and computers to be hooked up and charged by the generator.

It has five outlets and is very powerful, so it can also support bench tools, large appliances, power tools, a/c units, sump pumps, well pumps, and many others.

Starting, Remote Start 

The Ryobi 4000 is equipped with a three-position recoil starting process that makes the process a cinch.

It has a stop, start, and run switch that can easily be switched between the different positions, saving you the trouble of stopping the engine manually. 

To start the generator, you need to unplug all the loads, move the switch to the start position, and then pull the generator cord. Once the generator runs for about a minute, you can switch it into the run position.

During operation, the switches can be managed, and the generator includes a fuel shut-off feature that will shut the fuel off when the generator is in the stop position.

By using the run switch setting, you can ensure that the engine will keep running in its most fuel-efficient mode for the most extended amount of time.

No remote start feature is included with the Ryobi 4000.

Portability, Dimensions, Weight 

The Ryobi 4000 is 21.75 inches tall by 25 inches long. It has a width of 15.875 inches and weighs 85 pounds without the fuel tank inserted.

Since it runs on a gasoline fuel tank, this will add an extra 7-10 pounds to the generator’s weight.

It has decent portability thanks to its flat-free wheels and quick-release handle.

At this weight, the generator will be on the heavier side of generators weighing more than double generators with the portable label.

Because of this weight distribution and the size of the generator, it is recommended for use with activities where a vehicle that can haul it when necessary is used if it is to be used portably instead of stationary.

Other Features

There are a few other features worth mentioning that could influence your decision to buy this generator.

Paralleling with Other Generators 

Because the Ryobi 4000 is an inverter generator, it is not easy to parallel with other generators of different types. 

The advantages of the Ryobi 4000 regarding power output mean that you don’t need to parallel the generators to increase your wattage. With 4000 watts on startup, it is already at a place where it will exceed most of your power needs.

Control Panel Features 

On the control panel, several switches are used in the operation of the Ryobi 4000.

It has the start, stop, and run switches, a carbon monoxide detector light, and a low fuel light warning system. This is also where the outlets are located, and the status lights for the devices are plugged in.

Security, Alarms, Accessories

This generator is equipped with a carbon monoxide detecting shut-off feature that will lower the exposure people around the generator can get to CO poisoning.

As previously mentioned, it has extended handles to aid in its portability and flat-front wheels that make it easier to haul.

It comes with a muffler that will somewhat mitigate the generator’s sound.


The Ryobi 4000 has been certificated to have the performance requirements to mitigate carbon monoxide possible emissions.

Because it meets the requirements of the US government, you can be at ease about carbon monoxide as long as you follow general generator safety practices like only using one in a ventilated space with lots of fresh air.


This reliable inverter generator comes with a UL-listed manufacturer warranty. This warranty is a limited warranty for three years.

This warranty will cover any replacement parts needed during the warranty period, but the buyer and the manufacturer will split the cost into most kinds of replacement.

Such replacements must be deemed reasonable and not due to the fault of operation.

About the Manufacturer

Ryobi has been in the outdoor tools and devices market since its founding in 1943. It is a Japanese-based company that has expanded into power tools and helpful outdoor products.

They are quite a popular brand as they choose millions of homeowners and outdoor artisans.

FAQs about the product 

Where is this generator manufactured?

Answer: In either the US or China.

What is the Total Harmonic Disorder (THD) for this generator?

Answer: It has around a 5% total harmonic distortion.

Things to consider before buying

Best Suited For 

This generator is best suited for job sites and outdoor recreation activities. This generator produces substantial noise due to its power output, so it is best utilized when the sound is less hindered.

The power it provides can be great for large groups during camping to charge their electronics during the day and mobile power workstations on job sites where the noise isn’t as much of an issue.

Reasons to Buy 

An inverter generator is excellent for charging sensitive electronics because it produces clean electricity. Standard generators can release harmful electric currents that have a chance to fry laptops, computers, and cell phones.

This generator is great for people looking to charge electronics and has a heck of a lot of power output while they are at it.

Pros & Cons

Pro: 4000-watt power outage satisfies most reasonable power needs

Pro: Fuel Efficiency of .53 fuel load per gallon helps it keep up its power output for up to 12 hours

Con: Very loud. Due to the device’s power output, it is not that quiet.

Social Proof

The product reviews for the Ryobi 4000 are generally positive, receiving on average between 3-5 star reviews.

The inverter performs admirably, and most of the complaints about the generator come down to the noise, which not everyone likes.


Still, with Ryobi’s amount of power, that disadvantage is more than made up for.

Paulj15 and KW20 both say that the Ryobi 4000 is loud but powerful. KW20 says that this checks all the boxes for him, and KW20 says he wishes it wasn’t as loud but is nonetheless happy with his purchase.

The last reviewer, Dajoun, said that it helped him keep going during a power outage for four days last year. During that time, it was able to run a TV, heater, fireplace, refrigerator, and a few lights to boot.

Related Products

WEN Super-Quiet 3,800 Inverter

The Wen is slightly more expensive than the Ryobi and runs a lower 3,800 wattage power output marginally.

You get an extremely quiet inverter with a more sophisticated panel and increased outlet capacity with the extra price.

Champion Power Equipment 100899 2500 Watt Inverter

The Champion is a super lightweight model with a reduced 2500 watt capacity.

It is quieter than the Ryobi and can run for less than 11.5 hours. It is about $100 more expensive than the Ryobi, however.

Pulsar PG5250BCO Dual Fuel

Slightly cheaper than the Ryobi 4000, the Pulsar always runs at a higher 4750 wattage. 

Compared to the Ryobi, the downsides to this generator are the reduced 10 hours of run time, no-flat wheels, and lack of included muffler for noise.

Final Words

The Ryobi 4000 is an impressive inverter. Whether or not it is helpful in your situation, it has a great list of features that demonstrate why Ryobi generators are so popular.

The power output, fuel efficiency, and ability to charge sensitive electronics rolled into one unit have made it a popular choice for job sites and outdoor recreation.

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